DIY and Crafts - All Natural, Budget Friendly and Simple Crafts and DIY

DIY and crafts are a great way to save money or a fantastic way to blow off steam as a hobby and they're one of my favorite ways to relax. If you are looking to improve your family budget these practical DIY and Crafts, brought to you by Stacy Ott, author of Six Dollar Family, can help you save money, make money and live a more natural lifestyle. Here you'll find everything from practical DIY projects such as homemade cleaner recipes and DIY beauty products to the more modern DIY home decor projects, kids crafts and more. The budget friendly projects are perfect for anyone who just wants to get their hands dirty and a make beautiful products for their own home, office or as homemade gift ideas.

DIY and Crafts

Because Six Dollar Family focuses on saving you and teaching you how to save money, most of our DIY and Craft projects are budget friendly too! Replace them with products you stop buying and make homemade, decorate your home on a budget or just give a great gift. Use them to save money, start a business and make money from home, selling your finished project and more!We are sure you're going to love them! Once you start making our awesome DIY and craft tutorials, you'll never stop!

DIY Stress Relief Bath Soak

I adore my family, but Lord Almighty, some days. I don't think I even need to finish that because I'm pretty positive that most of you could finish it for me. For days where its a "some day," there's nothing more that I love than to climb in a hot bath with a relaxing soak to … [Read more...]

Homemade Antibacterial Ointment

Once upon a Saturday, just a couple of months ago, my Emma grabbed her spiffy new 10 speed (that she bought herself I might add...yay!) and started riding on the street in front of our house. As she was riding, she came across a small/medium cardboard box in the middle of the … [Read more...]

Homemade Natural Cold Remedy Shower Tablets

My family suffers from severe allergies several times a year. Add to that the yearly seasonal colds and such, life can be pretty miserable at our house during certain seasons. When I realized how much we were spending on allergy relief and cold remedies, I knew I had to come up … [Read more...]

23 All Natural Homemade Beauty Recipes

If there is one thing that 2015 has taught me, it's that I really, really like making my own products versus buying them. I've always known that but it didn't really sink in that I actually do enjoy it until this year. This year, we've made a big effort to go chemical free in our … [Read more...]

Homemade Healing Lotion for Dry Skin

*scratches back* Oh hiiiii! Sorry, I was just itching my back. My skin is so dry some days that it is really scary. Well at least it used to be. I had tried every single lotion that was marketed as "deep repair" or for "severe dry skin" and let me tell you. Not a single one … [Read more...]

DIY Orange Sugar Scrub

I've spent so much money on beauty items in the past and I'm sure most of you have too. In fact, beauty products can be one of the most expensive items out there. When we started removing chemicals from our house, the products used in our bathroom were some of the first ones that … [Read more...]

15 Fantastic Crafts for Fall

I love fall. I love spring as well, but I truly love fall. There is no other time of the year where the earth just fills itself with stunning color patterns just about everywhere you look. While I would love to bring the majestic colors of fall inside, unfortunately that isn't … [Read more...]

Homemade Fall Potpourri

I absolutely love certain scents. There's nothing quite like the scents of fall either. Cinnamon, clove and more all mesh together to create a scent mix that we're all familiar with and that screams changing leaf colors and bonfires to most of us. What I don't love though are … [Read more...]

42 Homemade Items You’ll Never Buy Again!

      When I'm looking to cut expenses, one of the things that I love to do is to take a look at what I can stop buying and make myself. It's actually dual purpose since homemade products typically taste better or work better than most of the commercial products … [Read more...]

Simple No Touch Silver Cleaning – How to Clean Your Silver with Simple Household Items!

    Simple No Touch Silver Cleaning - How to Clean Your Silver with Simple Household Items!   So I love silver. I love how it looks sitting in my kitchen curio, but yes, I'm cheap so I refuse to ever pay for it new. As a result, I end up with a lot of silver … [Read more...]