Budget Wedding 101: Saving on the Flowers

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So we’ve talked about the dress and the decor and now? Let’s save on flowers! I really hope you are enjoying these posts on having a budget wedding and that you’re being helped. I can honestly say that I had my wedding on a ridiculously low amount of money (well under $1k), but we worked hard at it! Flowers can be kind of hard to save on, but there are a couple of things you can do to help.

Planning a budget wedding? The flowers are so important, but they don't have to cost a ton! Save on your flowers and have your perfect day without blowing your budget!

The first thing to check is if you really need to go to a florist. Maybe you have a friend who enjoys gardening and flowers on the side. If so, show them a few photos of styles you would like and see if they would feel comfortable arranging them for you. Doing it this way could literally save you hundreds. Florists are expensive, but friends may not charge you as much (and yes, you should offer to pay them for their time.).

The next thing is to make sure that the flowers you want can be locally grown. If not, you’ll have to pay the florist (or your friend) extra just to get the flowers you’d like shipped in. Having to do that can raise your by hundreds potentially so it’s something you’ll want to avoid at all costs. I know you may want those beautiful and exotic flowers that only grow in South America, but ask yourself if it’s really worth the extra cost. Instead, by going for options that are local, you’ll save. A GREAT option is to choose wildflowers. This gives you the option to just find a field and pick them! Make sure you have permission of course…lol.

Finally, and this is the way that I chose to go, silk flowers are a fantastic alternative. I know it may *seem* tacky, but look at it this way; they’re super cheap and they last forever! You’ll have them around long after the wedding and can even use them in a cute DIY for your home to showcase them. I chose to go with red and white roses for mine and you couldn’t tell the difference once they were dressed up with some lace. Instead of paying $35.00 or more for each bouquet that was needed and $15 each for boutonnieres, we spent about $50.00 TOTAL!


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  1. I have a friend who did her wedding flowers from Costco. They looked really nice.

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