Budget Wedding 101: Saving on the Decor

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When you’re planning your wedding, you might do a double take when it comes to the cost of decor…especially if you’re trying to have a budget wedding. I’m not talking flowers because those are a whole beast to themselves. I mean things like ribbons, napkins, candle holders and more. I remember for my wedding, this was the part of the planning where it all came to a halt because of our tight budget. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help yourself have those awesome decorations without blowing your budget wide open.

Part 2 of our Budget Wedding 101 series shows you how to have the decor you want for less! There's no reason to sacrifice beautiful decor! Instead, use these tips to save!

Obviously, DIY comes into play here pretty hard. The more you make yourself, the less you have to pay someone else to do it. Things like wedding favors, seating cards, ribbons and more can all be made yourself. If you need to buy supplies, don’t opt for Walmart right off the bat. Instead, check places like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s first. Most of the time, all of them have really great coupons on their websites that can save you 40% off or more. Once you find out if there are any active coupon codes or printable coupons, you can head to the store. Before you shop though, you’ll want to make sure you hit up Pinterest for ideas. Make sure that you’ve got your colors set too so that you can purchase the right supplies when you get to the store.

Once you’ve got your colors and style of decor picked out, head to the stores to see what you can find! Remember, the more you can make yourself, the more you save! Be sure to look for invitation kits too because you might as well DIY as much as you can!  Pick up the supplies you need and get your craft on!

One other thing about DIY’ing your wedding decor; don’t overlook the furniture items you can actually make yourself. Even a trellis could be fashioned together using reclaimed pallet wood, a mock doorway (for an outdoor wedding) can be made by surfing freecycle for a bit and the ideas don’t stop there. If you’re really looking to have a budget wedding, you’ll need to go the extra step to make it happen.

For the items you can’t DIY, be sure you hit up the thrift stores! I know it sounds tacky, but honestly? I have seen entire sets of brand new (and matching) vases, tableware, candlesticks and more at the thrift stores for pennies on the dollar versus buying them new! Garage sales are also an excellent option. You never know when you’ll run across someone who had the same colors as you and may be selling decor that you can fit into your wedding for cheap. Also, the same lines are garage sales, Craigslist, Ebay and your local Facebook groups are great too. Finally, Amazon is a fantastic place to find discount wedding decor. I’ve seen silk rose petals for as little as $0.69 shipped over there and many, MANY more deals that I would jump on for sure if I was planning a wedding again. Don’t count it out when you’re searching for your wedding decor.

If, after searching for every deal you can search for you still can’t find what you need for a deal? Ask yourself if you really need it. If it’s a big item in your ceremony and you must have it, by all means get it. If it’s not, then leave it out. Having a small item missing, won’t ruin your entire wedding. Blowing your budget and starting your marriage off of rocky financial footing? Just might.


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