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If you’ve spent anytime around here, you should be aware that my family dreams of living a very basic life. We want the small hobby farm where we can make things for ourselves, live cheaply and just generally enjoy life with each other instead of the rat race that I’m more than sure the majority of us feel on a daily basis. For us, it’s a big dream, but it’s not one that we’ve waited on. We’ve already worked on pulling chemicals from our lives and homes with a few natural living tips and soon, we hope to buy a small piece of land to set our roots deep into.

As we’ve made our plans and plotted together, the one thing that we’ve realized is that there are things that the life that we want to live requires and we know that we have a lot to learn.

Scratch that.

We have A LOT to learn. We will spend the rest of our lives learning and you know what? We’re totally okay with that. Who wouldn’t want to live a simpler more basic lifestyle? If you, like us, are starting to take steps to just get rid of the complicated and move more toward simple? Sit up and pay attention because I have something you’re going to want to hear!

“What?” you ask?

Four words: Back to Basics Bundle.

What is a bundle? In this case it is over 60 different books, videos and e-courses, packaged into one big ball of knowledge for us all. Did I mention that it was an awesome bundle? Truly awesometastic in a way that awesome hasn’t seen before. I’m thrilled to tell you that my own book, Six Dollar Family, is included in the Back to Basics bundle as well so if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, now is the time! It’s an honor to be included among the list of awesome authors and content and trust me when I tell you that the content is awesome! As a contributing author and affiliate, I got a sneak peek of the entire bundle and I’m so impressed! My own learning? Starts here and I’m sure yours will too!

One of my favorite parts of the bundle is The Beginners Guide to Zero Waste Cooking The author, April, takes frugal cooking to a new level. If you’ve worked your grocery budget down as far as you possibly can but want to take it a step farther? April’s book is the way to do it! I love how literally nothing goes to waste with her recipes and diy ideas.

Another one that I loved is From Dirt To Dollars: A Guide to Selling at Farmers’ Markets by Annie Coombe. This ties in with a post that I did recently and is a great way to make money from a natural lifestyle. If you’re looking to put your garden (or kitchen) to work for you, Annie has the tips that will get you started very quickly! I’ll be putting some of her tips into play in my own farmer’s market sales later this year!

10 Minute Prep Freezer Meals by Shanti Landon is another awesome addition and for those of you who are new to freezer cooking? It will be a tremendous help to get you started on your own road to once a month cooking!

Momma’s take a deep breath because it gets even better that that! The bundle is PACKED! Truly packed with great awesomeness for us! (Dad’s too, no worries!). Truly! There’s homeschool tips, kitchen tips, household management tips, emergency preparation tips and so much more!  I wish that I could tell you about each and ever addition to the bonus, but honestly? Neither of us have time for that. You’ll just have to trust me that the Back to Basics Bundle is pure awesomeness!

Put simply? It’s over $550.00 worth of greatness from a bunch of very talented people for only $29.97 and that isn’t including the many discounts that those who purchase will receive. You’ll find coupons from places like: Better Bilt Products, EcoJarz, the Herbal Academy of New England, LPC Survival, Titan Ready USA, the Permaculture Student and more!

The Back to Basics Bundle is live for just a few more days! I’m super excited for you to get your hands on it! I know you’ll love it just as much as I do! Hurry on over and grab yours before it’s gone forever!

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