Baby Alexis Update: Aug 16, 2012

Baby Alexis Update 8/16/2012



Some of you may remember a while back, I posted about a special tiny one who needed good thoughts, prayers or whatever you personally do. If you’re not familiar with her story, you can read about her here, here,  here and here. Alexis is a fighter who has fought from day 1 to survive in what at the moment seems a very cruel and unfair world to me. She was born with an illness that from the get go had her very life in it’s sights and hasn’t let go.


Baby Alexis Update Surgery #2

Alexis 1 Day Old


It is with a very sad heart that I have to bring you the new update on Alexis. Trust me, there is nothing that I’d rather be doing, but I started the posts about her here on AIC and I will finish them. If for no other reason that to let you all know what’s going on with her.


Due to whatever neurological defects that have been caused by the Spina Bifida, Alexis is not capable of breathing on her own. She can breathe for a couple of minutes on her own, but then will “code” and has to be placed back on the respirator that has been breathing for her. At this point, there isn’t much that modern medical science can do to help as this isn’t something easily fixed by a machine such as a pacemaker.


Her parents and doctors have made, what I’m sure was the most difficult decision of their lives, to remove her from the respirator. Hospice care will be coming in to care for her as her prognosis is pretty grim.


Again, I’m not asking for your money or anything of the sort. I am asking, again, for your positive thoughts, prayers and whatever else you can drag up not only for Alexis, but for her parents Kate and Arthur and a couple for Mr and Mrs. Slappy as well. I have no personal stake in this, I’ve never met the people involved, but this little one means a great deal to me even sight unseen. I ask that you do what you do for healing, comfort and most of all…mercy.


I’ll update you when I know more.

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  1. Danielle Johnson says:

    OMGOSH my thoughts and prayers are with her parents and family!

  2. Jessica (Sund) Hoehn says:

    God bless them all in this hard time! He is holding you all in his hands and will lift you up! In this world we don’t understand God’s reasons for what he does but when we join him in heaven we will know!

  3. My heart always aches when I hear of babies and their families suffering this way. My thoughts, love, hope and prayers flow to this entire family… bless them.

  4. regina carriveau says:

    LORD I ask IN JESUS name to heal this little child of your’s .LORD and send you’r angels to comfort every family member and friend LORD. And I give you the praise LORD.

  5. C ONNIE HANSON says:

    God be with you i can’t think of words to say

  6. Dawn AanderudCosby says:

    This is heart breaking! I just read the rest of her story. I will Pray for her and her family, maybe they will get the miracle they need to keep their little bundle on love for a long time.

  7. Michelle Harasewicz says:

    I will keep her and her family in my thoughts and prayers, my heart goes out to them. We will never understand why someone so small has to suffer so greatly and not live her precious life. I will say she is very precious and it’s hard to grasp that she’s going to soon be an angel.

  8. I can’t imagine having to make that decision. I’ll be thinking of this little girl and her parents and you. Thank you for sharing.

  9. My heart and prayers go out to this little one and her family. May God bless them strength!

  10. Sending my prayers for sweet baby Alexis and her family. <3

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