Do You Thrive? My 8 Week Thrive Experience Review

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Do you Thrive? Have you ever heard of the Thrive Experience by Le-Vel? Are YOU Thriving?

thrive experience

Disclaimer: I am not making ANY medical claims in this post. I am simply sharing what this product has done for me personally. I can not guarantee that it will do the same for you. I am not a doctor or medical professional of any kind. Thrive by Le-Vel is not a medical product. Before starting any new product, please consult with your doctor. 

Recently I had the chance to try the Thrive 8-week experience and I have to tell you that I was pretty skeptical. We’ve all seen and heard of companies that make big promises and produce little results, and honestly? I was 100% certain that Thrive would be the same way. You know the type of products that I mean. Drop a large sum of money on them each month only to find out that they don’t work. Still you hope so you keep taking them for a few months only to find yourself several hundred dollars out on a product line that did nothing for you.

8 Week Thrive Experience Review

I will confess that I adore food, but the truth is that I don’t eat very well most of the time.  I’ve never eaten well, even as a child. My mother could barely cook so I survived on a lot of Chef when I was a kid. These days, it isn’t so much what I’m eating, but how much. I actually eat very, very little each day. I work a truly insane amount of hours each day. I run this blog as part of my main income. I own a social media management and virtual assistance company. I consult for other businesses like mine on the side. I am currently working on starting two other blogs. I run a resale business.  On top of that, I homeschool my daughter year round and I somehow have to fit being a wife to my husband in there each day.

I am so busy that I truly forget to eat. For the vast majority of the last five years (since I became a small business owner), I have had a major addiction to Mt. Dew. We’re not talking a can each day either. We’re talking two to three 2 liters each and every day. Do you know what that much soda, especially that awful green gunk, will do to your body? I do and let me tell you…it isn’t good. Aside from the lack of real food in my body, I also have had major sleep issues since I was 15. It isn’t that I had insomnia so much as I just didn’t sleep normally. I would sometimes stay awake for 36 hours or more. My family was used to me being awake for 24+ hours on a regular basis. When I did sleep, I slept well, but I just couldn’t get my body to shut down because I survived on so much caffiene.




Chocolate Lifestyle Mix on the left and Thrive W on the right

Then there was the headaches. I’ve had migraines since I was 14. Awful, searing pain in my head that would lay me out flat on my back in tears because it hurt so badly. Then I’d cry harder because the very act of crying hurt even more. I’ve had issues with irregular periods and improperly balanced hormones for the last five years so badly that I had facial hair at times and dark spots on my cheeks because of the imbalance. . Then there was the discomfort, stiffness and aches that have plagued me since 2007 and in 2015 we discovered that I was diabetic.

In short? The way I was surviving day to day was killing me. Slowly and painfully killing me.  I was exhausted. I was malnutritioned. I was simply surviving day to day in a manner that was going to kill me before I lived out the long and happy life that I’m meant to have.

So that’s where I found myself in June when a friend started posting about Thrive on her Facebook account. I messaged her but the truth is that I didn’t believe. I hoped but didn’t believe. I’ve tried those same products that you have with very little to no results and being completely candid?

I was sure Thrive was going to be the same way.

I was wrong.


Why was I wrong? Because Thrive is about premium nutrition rather than fluff! Real nutrients for real results, right? The simple fact that I am now able to get all of the nutrients I need each day, plus a bit of pick me up has changed my life forever! I’ll confess that I wasn’t a believer from day 1. In fact, it took me almost 9 days to really and truly believe. Now, 8 weeks later? I will never go back to expensive supplements (I was spending $240+ each month on supplements) or simply surviving again!

In short? I’ve had HUGE results and I am firmly a believer now!


8 weeks ago? This shirt was TIGHT across my belly! Now? It's HUGE on me!

8 weeks ago? This shirt was TIGHT across my belly! Now? It’s HUGE on me!

How huge? In just 8 weeks I:

  • Have lost 25lbs and 2 jeans sizes – FOR REAL Ya’ll! 25lbs! For a product that is NOT for weight loss? That’s a HUGE surprise!
  • Have much healthier feeling joints and muscles
  • Am sleeping 8 hours each night AND at normal times
  • Have not had a single headache
  • The dark spots on my face are starting to lighten and Mother Nature has been regular the last 2 months.
  • I am awake during the day! (Yanno, when I should be?!) I haven’t had a soda at all in 3 weeks!
  • My moods are more even and my family? They love having ME back vs. the Mom/wife who never felt well enough to be a part of the family!


So what is the Thrive experience? It’s a 3 step premium lifestyle experience! Why call it an experience? I’m not exactly sure what the company’s reason is but my thought is that everyone should experience it for themselves!

So how does the Thrive experience work? 

  • Take 1-2 capsules in the morning, on an empty stomach with water before you get up.
  • 20-40 minutes later drink your lifestyle mix. It comes in 3 absolutely delicious flavors! Chocolate (this is my fav!), Vanilla and Strawberry! Plus! At the time of this posting they have apple pie flavor too!
  • After you drink your lifestyle mix, put your DFT patch on! One DFT patch per day and you’re good to go!


That’s it ya’ll. Three incredibly simple steps and I feel years younger! This product, if I were to be honest? Saved me. It gave me my life back. I helps me to feel human again. It is helping me be healthier and to get the things that my body so desperately needed. It helped me thrive in life instead of simply muddling through each day…and the thing is? You’d likely see the same thing if you tried it too.


I didn’t write this post to sell you Thrive. I want you to know that. Sure, I’ve become a promoter (and this post contains the link to my Le-Vel website) but that isn’t the reason behind this post. I wrote it for one reason. I am thrilled that the Thrive experience has done for me what it has. Like I said in the beginning. I can’t guarantee that it would do the same for you. I have my suspicions that it would, but I won’t make that promise. I care about my readers though and I know that so many of you have the same issues that I have. You’re tired. You’re stressed. You simply feel unwell. It was only 9 weeks ago that I was there too, but I can promise you one thing. I will never go back to feeling those ways again. I am a lifetime Thriver.

Thrive offers you the chance to sign up for a free customer account (yes, SDF0923 is me) so that you can fully check things out before you buy. For that matter, you can also sign up to be a Thrive promoter for free as well. For those that are worried about the cost, Le-Vel offers an amazing offer to their clients. Refer 2 customers (only TWO) and your own order is totally free (minus shipping). That my friends? Is a company that truly believes in the product it has.

I have one final question for you now that you’ve read my 8 week Thrive experience review.

Are you ready to Thrive with me?


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