78+ Money Saving (and Making!) Resources You Need Right Now

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We all love to save and make money, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out exactly where to go to do that. Sure you can Google, but who really wants to spend hours searching? I know that I certainly don’t have the time to do that and I imagine that you don’t either. That’s why I wanted to put everything in one place for you. These 78+ money saving and making resources are all 100% recommended by all of us here at Six Dollar Family. We use them in our daily lives, we use them to save money, to build wealth, to make money and more. I’m 100% positive that you will love them all as much as we do and that they’ll help you save the same way they have us!

Huge List of Money Saving (and Making!) Resources You NEED to know about! - Don't waste another dime! These 78+ Money Saving (and Making!) Resources are just what you need! They'll help you save money, make money, build wealth and SO much more!

Huge List of Money Saving and Money Making Resources

I know. The pic says 78. This post actually started out as 78 but as I wrote this post, I came across a few more that I wanted to add. That’s okay. The more the merrier. Just know that there are actually more than 78 and that I will continue to add to the list as I find new programs that I recommend. Make sure to bookmark this page so that you can come back and visit every so often to check out the updates. With that being said, there may be times that it drops below 78 too if I decide to remove one.

Ways to Save Money

This list is actually split up in 4 different ways. The first is ways to save money. The second is ways to make money. The third is blogging resources that I use and recommend for those of you who are currently blogging or want to start a blog and the 4th is other resources that are recommended by Six Dollar Family.

thrive-foods Thrive Life is great for people who are not only looking to save money on groceries, but to build an emergency food stockpile too. They offer freeze dried foods that are not only delicious but are a really great way to supplement your grocery budget with. Plus, they’re healthy, non-GMO and make cooking a snap on busy nights! You can check them out on the Thrive Life website. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Thrive Life consultant, however, my own family has used their products for years before I made the jump from customer to consultant. We use them for our emergency preparation plans and when we go camping or travel. If you’re interested in earning free product, contact me through my Thrive Life website.







 If you’ve never used Ibottayou are literally leaving money lying on the table…or more appropriately your phone. Ibotta is a cash back rebates app that will pay you cash back when you buy groceries. Yes my friends, you too can be paid for buying milk. You’ll need to download the app then once you’ve done your shopping, scan your receipt, scan the item barcode and accept any rebates that you qualify for.


checkout51-logoCheckout 51 is another cash back shopping app like Ibotta with one exception. It works on the computer as well so if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still use it. Minimum cashout is $20.00 and you can use it in conjunction with Ibotta. You will need to sign up to see the available rebates and then scan in or snap a photo of your receipt.



ebates-logoEbates is one of my favorite cash back sites and has been for years. It’s also a huge tool in my money saving toolbox.  We all shop online so why shouldn’t we earn a little bit back from that shopping? When you shop through Ebates, they earn a little bit of commission on your purchase. They then turn around and pass a portion of those earnings back to you. New members will also get a free $10.00 gift card of their choice.



shop-your-way-rewards-logoIf you ever shop at Sears or Kmart, you absolutely need to be a member of Shop Your Way Rewards. You’re missing out on pretty significant savings if you don’t. What the SYWR program does is gives you points back on every purchase you make both in store and online at Sears and Kmart. Those points then become cents and dollars off of your next purchase. Even better, using my link, ensures that I become your “personal shopper” and can send you exclusive coupons which will help you save even more.



digit-logoDigit is fairly new to my money saving toolbox since we only started using it last year, but I totally adore it! When you sign up for Digit, you will connect your checking account to your Digit account. Digit then analyzes your spending and makes small auto withdraws based on your habits and deposits the money into your Digit account. Over time you will save a very significant amount of money and not even realize it! The best part is that your Digit account is FDIC insured meaning your money is 100% safe!


book_outlet_logoIf you buy a lot of books for yourself or to homeschool, you’ll want to check out Book Outlet for sure. They offer huge savings off of buying the books retail and I will absolutely admit that it is my favorite used book store to shop at. I buy a lot of the supplemental books for Emma’s homeschool from them and save a ton! It’s a great option for anyone, but especially those that don’t have a quality used book store nearby.




zenni-optical-logoZenni Optical  is the only place you should ever be buying your eyeglasses. Prices for start at just $6.95 per pair! I refuse to buy my own glasses from anywhere other than Zenni simply because I save so much. To answer your question about quality, yes they are quality. I’ve had my current pair for almost a year and they’re in perfect shape! They carry women’s glasses, men’s glasses and kids glasses so you can buy glasses for the entire family for very little out of pocket!



raise-logoOne of the best ways to save money is to use a gift card, butif you’re paying full price for those gift cards, you can’t save, right? Raise helps with that. You can buy discount gift cards for hundreds of stores. In other words, if you know you’re shopping at Walmart and are going to spend around $50.00, you could buy a $50.00 Walmart card for $45.00 and save $5.00. It might be a “small” savings, but those numbers really do add up.





thrive-market-logoIn 2015, we started making as many items homemade as we could so that we could stop buying them. That required supplies and of course I wanted to pay as little for those supplies as possible. Thrive Market is where I go to do that. They have, hands down, some of the best prices I’ve seen on Castile soap, coconut oil and more. Plus when you shop at Thrive Market, they donate a membership to a low income family so that they too can enjoy organic products for cheap. Saving money and helping others at the same time? It doesn’t get much better than that.



grove-collaborative-logoGrove Collaborative, formerly known as Epantry, is my absolute favorite place to get all-natural cleaning products and products for the home. If I don’t make it myself, it usually comes from either Thrive Market above or Grove Collaborative. They carry everything from kitchen sponges to toothpaste and more. Plus, they sometimes offer really awesome freebies which makes it all even better in my mind!





Saving on your cell bill is incredibly important these days and fortunately for all of us, Republic Wirelessrepublic-wireless-logo makes that incredibly easy to do. Their wi-fi calling plans average out to around $15.00 per month for most users making it one of the most affordable cell phone plans around. We absolutely love them around here and I’ve yet to meet anyone who had a bad experience with them.






If you’re in the market for a new mattress or box springs, I can’t recommend GhostBed any higher. Made in America with free shipping to your door, each mattress is 11 inches thick. Layers of latex and gel foam complete the design wand what you get is one really awesome night of sleep. Complete the set with a foundation and you’re golden!  Save $50 on your GhostBed purchase.




Whether you’re looking for something cheap to do this weekend, a way to save on dining out, or a service that you need done for your home, always check to see if there is a Groupon available. You could save quite a large amount of money depending on what you’re looking for exactly. We do a lot of family fun activities on the cheap because of Groupon, I save on homeschool trips and courses and more. Groupon is well known but easily forgotten so if you’ve not been using it? Make sure you start.



TorontoCitypass is another great way to save on family fun or vacations. They offer the passes for multiple cities meaning you can buy one for every big city you’re visiting. When you buy a CityPass, you receive discount admission at multiple and well known locations truly saving you money on admission. We’ve used the Houston City Pass and the Dallas City pass and absolutely loved them!



entertainment-bookWhether you’re visiting a city or simply looking to save locally, picking up an Entertainment Book is a fantastic way to save! Each book has thousands of dollars in coupons meaning you can really and truly save. They vary in price because of different sales, but even at full price, you’ll still save a significant amount of money with the coupons inside of each book.


kindle-for-pc-logoIf you don’t have a Kindle or don’t want to spend the money to get one, Amazon offers the Amazon Kindle Reading app for free. It’s a great way to read your favorite books without spending any money. You can download it for PC, iPhone, Android and more so there’s no reason to spend money on an actual Kindle unless you want to.




amazon-prime-logoAmazon Prime might be a well known program, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t use it or don’t realize everything that Amazon can help them save with. Not only will you get free 2-day shipping, but you’ll also get free tv show and movie streaming, free music streaming, free photo storage and more. It’s totally worth the $99.00 per year, but if you can’t afford the big out of pocket cost at once, they do offer a monthly option now priced at $10.99/mo. Even better is that they also offer a free 30 day trial so that you can check it out if you’d like.






Before you head out to the movies next, make sure you check Fandango for a deal on movie tickets. We save quite often this way and I’m sure you can too! Even if you can’t save, it’s still a great way to ensure that you absolutely have tickets for a movie you’re looking for so that you don’t waste time and gas going to a show that ends up sold out.


schoola-logoWhen you need to grab clothes for yourself, your spouse or your kids, make sure that you check Schoola. They are an online consignment site that sells clothes, some new with tags for a significantly lower price than you’ll pay new. When I buy new clothes, we always make sure to check Schoola since the deals are so good. Plus, use this link and as of the time of this writing, they’ll give you a free $10.00 credit.




swap-com-logoSwap is another one of my favorite consignment stores online for good reason. Prices start at just $3.00 per item and they sell more than clothing. Books, music, toys, baby gear and yes, clothing can all be found on really great deals. Plus? It’s a great way to make extra money for yourself if you have items that you no longer need hanging around!


upromise-logoUpromise is perfect for those who want to save money for college without costing themselves much extra money. Just connect your debit and/or credit cards and shop like normal. You’ll save a portion back in the fund you set up for your child. Once they’re enrolled in college, they can then cash that fund in to help with costs.


travelocity-logoBefore you book your next hotel, be absolutely sure you check out Travelocity. I’ve found much better savings here than I have anywhere else for booking hotel rooms when we travel. Sometimes we save as much as $100 off per room just by using Travelocity to book.



southwest-airlines-logoWhenever you need to book a flight, don’t fly anywhere but Southwest Airlines if you can. Not only do they allow you 2 carry on bags and 2 checked bags but they’re rates are so much lower than other airlines that it’s pathetic. The last time I flew, I paid just over $200.00 for a round trip ticket from DFW to Baltimore. You can’t beat that when that same flight would have cost me three times that with another airline.



comfort-inn-logo While I love Travelocity, sometimes we just can’t find a good deal. When that happens, we always use our old standby of Comfort Inn. The hotels are always clean, the rates are just right and they’re pet friendly too which makes traveling with pets so easy! Plus they have a rewards program that helps to earn free stays with every booking!






redcardIf you shop at Target a lot, you’ll want to get the Target RedCard Debit Card. It connects to your checkign account just like your regular debit card does. Redcard holders save 5% off of Target purchases both online and in store and online, get free shipping online and get more days to return items than non-card holders.





zipcar-logoIf you live in a larger city, you can save money over taking a cab where you need to go by signing up for Zipcar. Basically it’s like renting a car except much cheaper and there are no reservations required. Just scan your Zipcar card at the car itself and go. They even cover gas. Plus? New Zipcar drivers get a free $25.00 Zipcar credit to get started.




Money Management and Wealth Building Tools

ynab-logoOne of my favorite budgeting tools, You Need a Budget or YNAB can be downloaded or used online. There is a cost to the program, but from my experience, it’s totally worth it. I personally like the newer online system a bit better than the old downloadable program. It has a lot more features that I prefer to have such as goals, expense tracking and more in a budget and the cost isn’t too bad at all.




Mint.comCapture is owned and managed by Intuit, the same folks that run Turbo Tax. It’s a free budgeting software for those who want to track expenses, set goals, track net worth and more. Mint does require that it be connected to your bank accounts though so if that is something that you are leery of, this one isn’t for you.





everydollar-logoEvery Dollar is a newer budgeting software put out by Dave Ramsey. It’s incredibly simple to use but the features are fairly limited. It’s free to use and perfect for families who want a simple budget verses something more complicated.



credit-sesame-logoIf you’re trying to raise your credit score, Credit Sesame is where you need to be. They will give you your free credit score, free identity monitoring and more. I’ve found that the scores are a bit off, but they’re usually really close and for free? You can’t beat the price!





logo-myFICOWhen you go to purchase a home, car or even to rent a home, you’ll need to have a good FICO socre. FICO.com can help you keep track of your FICO score for all three credit bureaus. It is a pay program, but for someone who is serious about raising their score, it’s well worth it.  FICO also monitors things so that if your information shows up on a black market website, you will know.


lending-club-logoWhile I don’t condone taking loans, if you absolutely must, I recommend that you check with Lending ClubThey do personal loans up to $40,000, small business loans and small loans for medical procedures. They also typically lower interest rates since they are investor funded vs. bank funded which is only one of the reasons that I say IF you must take a loan, give them a shot first.

discover-logoWhy keep your money in a savings account that will pay you less than a penny of interest every month? Instead, check out the Discover Bank High Yield Savings Accounts at Discover Bank. Since they’re a high yield savings account, they have a significantly higher interest rate than the normal account. In addition to the savings accounts, they also offer CD’s (Certificate of Deposit) and IRA accounts as well so that you can not only manage your money but invest and grow it for your future as well.



If you’re looking to invest your money, Personal Capital can help. Not only that but you can track your spending and your net worth. It’s totally free to have an account so you really have no reason not to sign up. You don’t have to invest to track your net worth but if you do want to, you can do so right from your account.




Betterment-logoFor those of you who don’t like Personal Capital, Betterment might be a better option. The difference is that Betterment is pretty much only for investing. It’s easy to get started and once you do, you’re on your way toward building a better future for yourself and your family.








For those who want to invest, but want to be completely hands off, Acorns might work for you. Like Digit above, Acorns attaches to your checking account and analyzes your spending. They then round each of your transactions up to the next dollar and every few days withdraw that amount. The money is then invested for you based on how aggressive you set your portfolio to be. You can withdraw your money whenever you want or deposit more if you want to step up your investment. Fees are low, $1.00/mo for accounts under $5k but students with an .edu email address are always free.

Ways to Earn Extra Money

instagc-logoInstaGC is my absolute favorite way to make extra money. I use it everyday and it is part of the system that I use to add $225/mo to my income every month. With InstaGC, you’ll take surveys, complete tasks and more in exchange for points. Those points then become gift cards that are paid instantly or cash to your Paypal or bank account.



swagbucks-logoAnother one of my favorite ways to earn from home is Swagbucks. Basically you’ll get paid to search, to watch videos, to click on links and more. Your earnings can then be cashed in for hundreds of gift cards or Paypal cash. I’ve been a member since 2008 or so and it’s still one of my favorite sites to earn from. 




pinecone researchPinecone Research is one of the oldest survey sites around. They pay $3-$5.00 per survey. They’ve also been known to have product tests available making this a fantastic company if you’re looking to add a few extra dollars to your income.



acop-logoAmerican Consumer Opinion Panel is another one that survey takers will want to check out. Surveys are usually worth 1,000 points which equals out to $1.00. Once you reach their minimum payout, you can cash out for a check or donate your points to charity. When you sign up for ACOP, make sure you confirm your email because they can’t send you surveys if you don’t.



mysurvey-logoMySurvey is one of my favorite actual survey companies. It’s rated very highly by the BBB, it’s rated very highly by Survey Police and I adore how easy they make it to earn money. In addition to being able to earn extra money, they also do occasional product testings as well. If you’re not a member, you’ll want to make sure you sign up and check it out.



springboard-america-logoSpringboard America is one of the most popular survey sites around. They do surveys, product tests, focus groups and more. You can start earning as soon as you sign up and



cashcrate-logoCashCrate is a GPT site and one of the oldest around. Like InstaGC, you’ll complete surveys and offers for cash. When you sign up for Cashcrate and confirm your email, they will automatically add $1.00 free to your account.





opinion-outpost-logoAnother one of my favorites is Opinion Outpost. Complete surveys and test products for cash. What makes this one of my favorites is that the minimum cashout is so low. You can cash out for Amazon gift cards or Paypal when you’ve reached $5.00 in your account.




inbox-dollars-logoIf you like to get paid for basically doing nothing, Inbox Dollars is something you’ll want to check out. you’ll get paid for reading emails and completing offers or surveys. They pay by check once a month.



valued-opinions-logoValued Opinions is the final survey company I have for you. They offer surveys, occasional product tests and focus groups. Their focus groups pay extremely well which makes it very worth your time to sign up.


Blogging Tools and Helps

These programs are mainly for those who are currently bloggers or those who are looking to start a blog.  I highly recommend each one of them whether you’re a new blogger who is trying to grow and monetize your site or a veteran blogger just looking for a change. If you’re wanting to start a blog, be sure to check out my post on How to Start a Money Making Blog in 3 Easy Steps.

Convert Kit – My email newsletter is currently hosted with Convert Kit. I was once with Mad Mimi and still recommend them if you’re looking for something easy, but ConvertKit offers many more features and subscriber targeting. In the first 30 days that I used ConvertKit, my open rate jumped 8% with click through rates jumping even more.

Board Booster – For Pinterest management, I use two programs and BoardBooster is the first. BoardBooster has helped me increase my follower count by over 40,000 in a year and has help increase my traffic to almost 1 million views per month in that same time period. Use my link to get a free 2 week trial.

Tailwind – Tailwind is the 2nd part to my Pinterest strategy. I use it not only to share content but also to track growth stats. They offer both a free and paid account so you really don’t have anything to lose if you’re not currently using it.

BlueHost – If you’re a new blogger, you’ll want to be self-hosted, but you may not want to spend a ton of money on that host, BlueHost is a great option. With BlueHost, you’ll pay just $3.95/mo for hosting and get a free domain name registration for a year. We started out with them way back when and while we’ve outgrown them now, I still recommend them for new bloggers who may not want to spend tons of money.

Liquid WebLiquid Web is where all of my sites are currently hosted and I absolutely love them. We’ve been with them since 2013 and unless something major changes I don’t see me changing anytime soon. You can pick up hosting with Liquid Web for as little as $14.95/mo for shared hosting and trust me, their support? Makes any costs you pay with them (b/c we pay much more) worth it.

GoDaddy – When you’re first starting your blog, you’ll need a domain name. If you don’t go through BlueHost for hosting, grab your Domain name at GoDaddy for as little as $0.99.

HootSuite HootSuite is a social media scheduling system that we used to use but a ton of other social marketers and bloggers still do.  Priced around $15 per month, you can use HootSuite to schedule to your social media networks.

Buffer – We currently use Buffer to schedule our social media networks. I love that I have the ability to set up my schedule and go. The price is great too at just $10.00/mo.

CoSchedule – Want to make your editorial calendar planning, team management and social media scheduling easy? CoSchedule is where it’s at. You can manage your editorial calendar, manage your team, schedule social media and more right from within your WordPress dashboard. Plus it integrates with Buffer making things so much easier!

LessAccounting – For bloggers or freelancers who need an awesome bookkeeping software, I highly recommend LessAccounting. I went through several before I found them and I have to say, they are the simplest to work with and by fat my favorite out of all of them. Prices start at just $20.00/mo making it one of the cheapest around too.

PicMonkey – For bloggers who need to edit photos, you can’t find a cheaper or easier photo editing program than PicMonkey. At $0.99/mo or $33.00 per year, its an investment well worth it.

Adobe Stock – For stock phoots, Adobe Stock is one of my go-to’s. The quality of photos is better overall than a lot of other stock photo sites. When I need a stock photo, it is my first go to.

Deposit Photos – My second go to stock photo site is Deposit Photos. Their prices are great if you can buy in bulk and I love the selection of pics they have.

Genesis Framework – If you’re starting a blog and you’re going to be on self-hosted WordPress (which you absolutely should be), you’ll want a framework. Genesis Framework is in my opinion, one of the best out there. It’s secure and the customization that can be done to it are numerous.

Studio Press – Genesis requires a child theme for custom designs and you won’t find a better child theme than Studio Press themes. In fact, SDF runs on Genesis with a custom Magazine theme.

Grammarly – If you’re unsure about your grammar when writing, Grammarly is something you’ll want to check out. Upload or copy/paste your posts and Grammarly will ensure you have used proper grammar throughout it. They have both a free and a paid option. We use it in our homeschool classes for my Emma, but I know quite a few bloggers who use it to make certain their posts are written correctly.

CopyScape – For freelance writers and bloggers, Copyscape is a must have. Search by article to make sure that the items your writing (or that your team) is writing don’t even come close to plagiarizing someone else’s work. With so many people writing often on the same topics, you’ll want to make sure that you haven’t copied someone, even if it was on total accident.

ShareASale – If you’re just starting to monetize your blog, ShareASale is a great affiliate network to start with. They offer hundreds of different companies to work with. Minimum to be paid is $50.00 and they pay once a month. ShareASale is best for marketers and bloggers who can earn on a sales based platform but they do also offer some programs that pay for other types of leads.

Escalate Media Escalate Media is a good network for newer bloggers to start with. Your blog must be at least three months old but once you pass that, you should be good. Payout is just $25.00 and they pay at the end of every month. Escalate will pay you mainly for leads that sign up but occasionally they’ll have a different type of campaign.

ShopHer Media ShopHer Media is another affiliate company great for starters. I’ve been with them since 2011 when I started blogging and still earn with them today. They pay the 15th of every month and have a cariety of different offer types.

Skimlinks – For those sites that you don’t have as an affiliate network, Skimlinks can help. They have thousands of affiliates that you can link to as long as you’re a Skimlinks affiliate. I do not recommend that you use their SkimWords product. It will overwrite every affiliate link on your site.

IZEAIZEA is great for sponsored Facebook posts, sponsored Tweets and sponsored blog posts. You can get a free account, but do yourself a favor and upgrade. You will make more money even with the $1.00 account than you will with the free one. I haven’t noticed much difference between the $1 and $5 account, but some people do.

Flex OffersFlex Offers is another great affiliate network for bloggers and marketers. I have found several companies that I work with on Flex Offers that haven’t been available anywhere else. The layout of their network can be confusing when you’re new but if you take the time to figure things out, ou’ll earn with them.

Tap Influence – For sponsored blog posts, make sure that you join Tap Influence. They are one of the best sponsored post companies I have ever worked with.

Clever Girls – Clever Girls is my 2nd favorite sponsored post company. They pay less, but they are always right on time with things and are incredibly easy tow ork with.

Sits Girls/Massive SwayThe Sits Girls are not only awesome for finding sponsored posts, but also great for blogging tips and how to’s for newer and veteran bloggers alike. They are known for posting great blogging tips on The Sits Girls website and great sponsored opportunities as part of Massive Sway.

Udemy – If you’re great at doing something? Why not teach a course on that subject and get paid for it? Udemy lets you create video courses and sell them. This can be great for bloggers or really anyone who is looking to make some estra money.

Blogging Income Spreadsheet – For bloggers, keeping track of your income is so important. My friend Hilary over at Pulling Curls has a great blogging income spreadsheet that she has created for bloggers.


Other Recommendations

Six Dollar Family: The Book

Online Prenatal Class for Couples

Self Reliant School

Better Budget Course

Angie’s List

Kelloggs Family Rewards

Coupons.com Printable Coupons

Redplum.com Printable Coupons

Smartsource.com Printable Coupons

Savings.com Printable Coupons

Printable P&G Coupons

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