7 Valentines Day Gifts for Teachers That Are Sure to Get an “A”

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I think its safe to say that for the vast majority of parents, our children are our hearts. It makes sense then that we should take time out to warm their hearts on a holiday like Valentine’s Day. With a teacher gift, you don’t have to go out of your way to give them something that will make them smile. In fact? I think it’s quite the opposite. I personally think that teachers enjoy the simple gifts more than they do the complicated ones that may make them feel like they’re obligated to gift something back in return.

Don't forget your child's teacher this Valentine's Day! These 7 DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for teachers are sure to get an "A!"

When you’re looking to give your child’s teacher a gift, you’ll want to think simple and cheap. There’s no reason to go overboard. Instead, the cutesy ideas that make you smile when you see them are usually the ones that will make them smile too. Most of the ones listed below, my Emma has actually used. They were well received and even mentioned later on in the year because her teacher liked them so much. She loved making them and they loved receiving them. What more could a Mom ask for?

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers

The best part about these teacher gift ideas is that they all use things that most of us will have around our home. If not, they’re all easy to pick up at the store and fairly cheap to grab too. To make and attach the gift tag or Valentine’s Day card, pick up some twine and card stock. Print out a pretty image, write your note and Bob’s your uncle!

A box of goldfish crackers – Buy a box of tasty and cheesy goldfish crackers. On a note write, “Hey Valentine, I am so happy we go to the same school.” The word “school” of course is a play on words for a group of fish. It is sure to make her laugh and come in handy at snack time. To really personalize this one, have your child draw a picture of a school of fish and use that for the gift tag.

A ruler, calculator, or measuring tape – Teachers can always use rulers, measuring tapes and other office supplies. Gift your child’s teacher a ruler and office package in a cute little gift bag and add a short note that says something like,  “Dear Valentine, you really measure up!” What you end up with is a very cute play on words that gives a practical gift that she will use.

Oranges – Skip the boring apple and this year give your child’s teacher some healthy and tasty oranges. Along with them, add a note that reads, “Orange you glad we are friends, Valentine?” This is not only cute as can be, but the teacher will enjoy the tasty snack!

Bananas – Another adorable fruit themed gift is bananas. Tie the bunch together with twine and add a note that reads “Hey Valentine, I am bananas for you!” It is sure to give them a chuckle and is another great alternative to giving candy!

 A candle – Know anyone who doesn’t love an awesomely scented candle? Me either. A great idea for a teacher gift is a sweet smelling scented candle! Give your child’s teacher a candle along with the note, “Hey Valentine, you really make my heart glow.” If you’re going to go this route, be sure that you stick with common scents so that you don’t end up giving her one that she doesn’t like. Scents like apple cinnamon, vanilla, and lavender are all fantastic options.

A pair of mittens – February is still a chilly month, so gift your child’s teacher a pair of mittens to help keep her warm. You can pick them up for a few dollars at the dollar stores. Add the note, “High Five, Valentine!” to them and she is sure to appreciate warmer hands and the charm.

A photo frame – People can always use photo frames, so gift one to your child’s teacher along with the note, “Picture us as Valentines!” Frames always come in handy, and that note is too cute to pass up.



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