7 Frugal (and Fun!) Kids Birthday Presents

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Shopping for a a kids birthday soon? Don't break the bank on  gifts with these 7 frugal (and fun!) kids birthday gift ideas!

Man! Have you looked at the cost of having a birthday party lately? Aside from the costs of the party, you’ve also got the gift to pay for and those can add up really quickly. Before you know it, your birthday gift budget can spiral well out of control. While I’m not going to give you tips on a cheap party in this post, I am going to help you out on gift giving. There’s no reason for you to look like the cheap guest and still stay in budget! Take a look at these 7 budget friendly kid’s birthday gift ideas and let me know what you think!

The Movie Bucket –

Grab some plastic popcorn tubs and fill them with different flavors of microwave popcorn or other treats. You can also find discount DVD’s as low as a few dollars and tuck those in too. Amazon has a ton of cheap dvd’s that would be perfect for this idea! This gift creates an instant movie night for the birthday boy or girl and since they can re-watch the movies, it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

The Bug Catcher Basket –
Shopping for a kiddo that likes being outdoors? Find a bug net and magnifying glass and toss in some plastic toy bugs and a package or two of gummy worms. Gather everything into a sand pail and your birthday boy or girl will be able to enjoy chasing bugs for hours. You could even use crushed Oreo’s in the bucket to create dirt for the gummy worms!

The Little Swimmer Bucket –
If you’re headed to a summer birthday party, grab a sand bucket and fill with goggles, pool toys, and sunscreen. You can even toss in water wings or flippers if you’re gifting a younger child. Squirt guns, squirt toys, and other water toys can also make a fun addition and won’t set your budget back too far.

The Mini Chef Basket –
Do you know a child who likes to cook? Grab a basket (or cooking pot) and fill with an apron, cooking utensils, measuring cups, and easy to make treats such as cookie mix, brownie mix, or other easy to make food items. If you wanted to spend a bit more, you could also pick up a cute kids cookbook to get them started!

The Frugal Fairy Basket –
If you know a birthday girl who loves fairies, fill a pretty basket or kids purse with butterfly wings, a tiara, glitter, a magic wand, and other small items with a fairy feel. You can even toss in some sparkly lip gloss or nail polish if you wish.

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The Budding Artist Basket –
If the birthday boy or girl loves art, make them a gift with all of the essentials. Fill their basket or backpack with inexpensive art supplies such as paper, crayons, scissors, markers, glue, glitter, and whatever other art supplies you can find. How fun!

The Little Diva Basket –
Make the birthday girl feel beautiful with a basket full of dollar store nail polishes, hair brushes, bows, barrettes, lip gloss, eye shadow, and other beauty essentials. She will love having the supplies to give herself a makeover! Just be sure that you clear this one with Mom or Dad beforehand in case they don’t want her having makeup.

See? It’s really easy to put together a great gift basket on just a few dollars! Using these ideas will really make a splash at the party and you’ll smile even wider because your budget is still intact!


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