7 Back To School Essentials You Won’t Find On A List

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It’s almost August and you know what that means! Back to school shopping! While most public school students receive a list and almost all homeschool students have theirs planned out as well, there is almost always something that gets left off of those lists. No, I don’t mean things like pens and pencils, I mean the other items that can be so easily forgotten! These 7 back to school essentials you won’t find on a list may not be the most obvious, but they’re certainly just as important to your child’s school day!

Back to school shopping lists aren't the end all be all of school supplies! These 7 back to school essentials aren't on your school list but they're just as important as pencils and crayons are!

 Granted. Pens, pencils and crayons are important to your child’s education, but honestly? So are the items below. Some are important for health, some for your budget and others are just important to your child’s happiness. Either way, make sure you don’t send your kidlets off this coming year without them!

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Reusable Sandwich Bags – Reusable sandwich bags are not only friendly to our planet, but they are incredibly budget friendly too. Of course you’ll use them for packing lunches and snacks, but they are also great to keep small items such as school supplies, hair accessories, student ID’s, pocket change, and more. Because they’ve usually got super cute designs, they’re great for having your child carry!

A Daily Vitamin – Your child is going to be back in the classroom with dozens of other children, thousands of germs and lots of studying. Make sure that they stay healthy by giving them a daily multi-vitamin. My Emma takes THESE everyday and let me tell you, I can tell when she misses it. Her focus is off and she lacks energy over when she does take it!

Water Bottle –  Find a fun reusable water bottle you child can clip onto their bag as they leave this house. This will keep them hydrated, focused, and healthy as they dive into the new school year and take on all new challenges. This also helps them stay away from sodas or other sugary drinks that you may not want them to have.

An emergency number list for your child
Your school has all of your emergency numbers, but does your child? You should have a card that contains all of your emergency numbers tucked in your child’s backpack. This way should they need those numbers and are NOT at school, they will have them too.

The family picture – Find a family picture and give it to your child to keep with her during the school year. Should she find she is having a tough or challenging day, she can look at her family picture and know she has a family who loves her.

An extra pair of socks – This might seem like an odd tip, but you would be amazed how often kids get their socks wet or dirty during recess or outside learning and as a result, have a miserable day with uncomfortable feet. Send an extra pair of socks with your child at all times so wet feet will never distract them from a day of learning.

8 hours of sleep – This is a supply you can’t exactly pack, but you can make sure they have! This is perhaps one of the most vital thing a child needs during the school year. Get them on a solid night time routine early on and be sure your child is getting a full 8 hours of sleep each night if not more. If they have trouble falling asleep, lavender oil on their pillow can be a huge help to creating that night time snooze fest you’re looking for.

See? I bet you thought this was going to be a pencil and paper type of post. Nope! Do you have a school essential that I missed? I’d love to hear it!

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