5 Ways to Save on Cleaning Supplies

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Rub a dub dub, cleaning the tub….

Unfortunately for all of us, cleaning is one of those things that we just can’t get away from and with cleaning comes a need for supplies. If you’re not careful, you can really spend way too much money on them. Coupons can help, but rarely do we see them under $1.00 and even then, they’re full of harsh chemicals. Instead of blowing all of your budget on cleaners, there are multiple ways  you can save on cleaning supplies that don’t involve clipping tons of coupons each week.


Tired of wasting money on cleaning supplies? These 5 ways to save on cleaning supplies are the best ways I've found to save! Up to 100% savings !


Now I will say that the 5 ways below are not all inclusive. I’m more than sure there are other ways to save on cleaning supplies, but these are my favorites. Use these, sometimes in combination with each other and you’ll save big. These are the 5 that I use the absolute most to save. I honestly wouldn’t shop any other way now!


Epantry – This site may be my new love and I’ll tell you why. Not only can I score “natural” brands like Mrs. Meyers and Method, but I can do it for cheaper than I can in any brick & mortar store. Add to the lower costs the fact that I can set up an schedule on MY terms and I’m in love! You’re not required to do a shipment every month and can go in and edit your shipments to whatever you want and however often you want!

Wanna try it out? Head over to EPantry HERE and you’ll get $10.00 off! This means you can score some GREAT deals!

Amazon Prime Pantry – If you’re not familiar with Amazon’s new “Amazon Pantry” program, you need to be. The Prime Pantry program offers an awesome new way to save on not only cleaning supplies, but groceries, pet supplies and more. You’ll pay just $5.99 shipping per pantry box. The best thing about the Amazon Prime Pantry program is the coupons and special offers. A lot of the time they’ll offer free shipping promos and the vast majority of eligible items have a coupon that can be clipped too. You must be an Amazon Prime member to use Prime Pantry. If you’re not and want to try it, you can score a 30 day free Amazon Prime trial HERE.

Amazon Subscribe & Save – The Subscribe & Save program is another great one for Amazon and for this one, you do NOT need a Prime membership for! You can save up to 20% off of the cleaning supplies you need and certain groceries, pet supplies, etc with no obligation! Subscribe & Save is great to use if you don’t want to order a full pantry box. Even better? The Subscribe & Save program stacks with the Amazon Mom program to help you save even more (such as 20% off of diapers and more!) and anyone can join the Amazon Mom program! Mom’s, Dad’s, grandparents or anyone else that is a caretaker! Not an Amazon Mom member? You can get a 30 day Amazon Mom free trial HERE. (You must not have already used the trial or you won’t be eligible.)

InstaGC – This site won’t save you per se’, but it is part of my savings routine. I use InstaGC to earn free gift cards to Amazon, Walmart and Target. Those gift cards mean I pay less out of pocket for things that I need…including cleaning supplies. Once you redeem for your gift card, you instantly get it so it’s great for those “oh no! I’ve run out” type of moments that we all have.  If you combine IGC with an Amazon program like I mention above, you can really maximize your savings!

Go Completely Natural – Lastly, if you really want to cut your cleaning bill down to basically nothing, going completely natural is a great way to do it. All you really need to clean your home is baking soda, vinegar, lemons and salt. That’s it! Lemons even have disinfecting properties and a baking soda/vinegar combo will clean even the toughest stains. There really is no better way to clean your home than like this. It’s better for your health, better for your family and better for your budget.

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