5 Frugal Ways We Saved This Week | Week of 3/22/2015

Saving money is a family affair! and our family takes it very seriously! Take a look at these 5 Frugal Ways We Saved this Week! Maybe you'll save too!


Another week has come to and end and this week brought spring. YAY for spring! I realize that not all of you are getting warmer weather yet, but hang in there…it’s coming. Promise. This week, we’ve made a few decisions that will save us pretty big in the long run. I’m super excited about them even though I know that one of them will be crazy hard to do. We’ve set a few goals for ourselves though so if we want to accomplish them, we’ve got to buckle down.

Another big, BIG change that the House of AIC had happen this week, is that we’ve pulled Emma back out of public school to homeschool her. There are a lot of reasons why and I’m sure I’ll do a post (or three) in the future, but things are going great! I’m super excited to see what the rest of this year and next bring for her!

The weather has gotten warm here in North Texas so the house has needed to be cooled down. Instead of flipping on the a/c, we’ve made it a habit to open the windows and turn on the fans. One of the easiest ways to cool your house down without a/c is to put one fan in a window blowing into the house and a second fan in another window facing out. Since we’ve been doing this, we’ve been able to keep the house right around 69 degrees which is great when it’s 80 outside..lol.

So one of the decisions we made this week was to not use our air conditioning this summer for the most part. Since we live in Texas, the summers get super hot, but usually not until July and August. During those months we’ll kick it on for a few hours a day to make things bearable, but the rest of the time we’ll get by with fans, tank tops and shorts. Last year while our a/c was off, our electric dropped significantly so I’m looking forward to having that extra money to toss where we want or need it.

I love this laundry detergent recipe! Its simple and quick to make up! If you're looking to lower your laundry costs, this simple 3 step homemade laundry detergent DIY is perfect for you!

I ran out of laundry detergent this week, so we made up a HUGE batch of my simple 3 step homemade laundry detergent. By making it, I save myself over $200.00 per year on laundry costs. Plus, I like that it cleans sooooo much better than the commercially made stuffs.


In other news…my seedlings died. LOL we took a trip to Austin to see friends earlier in the week and yeah…they didn’t make it while we were gone. Let’s have a moment of silence for the tomato plants that never were. YES, I’ll be restarting them. Hopefully I’m not too late in the growing season.


What I’m Reading This Week:



100 Ways to Love Your Husband – This was recommended to me by my good friend Danielle from The Frugal Navy Wife and I have to say, I can see why she recommended it. My Tom is also reading the counterpart to it,  100 Ways to Love Your Wife and I have to say, our marriage is seeing some definite improvements already!

You can never have enough tips on saving money and living frugally, so this week I picked up Suddenly Frugal to read. I’m excited to see what tips it includes!

As a working mom, wife, small business owner and now a homeschooler, my life can get really…REALLY hectic. I picked up Balancing it All and put it on my reading this for this week. I’ve never read any of Candace Cameron Bure’s books so I’m excited to see where she goes with it. So far, I’m on like page 5…lol.


Around the House of AIC this week:

While in Austin this week, I stopped by one of my favorite Goodwill stores and SCORED big! I managed to find all 9 books in the Little House series for only $18.00!! It’s $30.00 over HERE on Amazon! I am thrilled and we’ve already started the first book (Little House in the Big Woods) for a homeschool unit.




Growing up in hunting country, eating venison was a big part of my childhood. It’s been YEARS since I’ve had a good venison stew though so when a friend of ours shared a few pounds of deer roast with us, I couldn’t wait to cook it up! Yes, it was tasty, tasty and yes, you’ll likely see the recipe here on the blog soon. 🙂

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