5 Frugal Ways We Saved This Week and More

Man! I love saving money! Seriously! If I could save on every single thing I come into contact with? I totally would. I work hard for the money that I have (or don’t have sometimes) and I like to hold onto as much of it as possible. If that means going above and beyond to save a bit? So be it. As Dave Ramsey says “Live like no one else…so you can live like no one else,” and that is just how we like to do things when we’re on top of everything.

Since I know that you are trying to save as much as possible too, I thought it would be fun to share what we’ve done this week to save! Hopefully you get some new ideas!

Saving money is a family affair! and our family takes it very seriously! Take a look at these 5 Frugal Ways We Saved this Week! Maybe you'll save too!


I’m not sure about other husbands, but my Tom? That mans hair grows faster than anyone that I’ve ever seen…which eats up quite a bit in my budget for haircuts. Since his haircuts and trims are generally quite simple, I picked up the Wahl 20 piece haircutting kit. It ran me less than $20.00 in gift cards to grab it and this week, it saved me $20.00 since I was able to use it to cut his hair myself. Over the course of a year, this will save me around $240.00 so I consider it a very well made purchase.

I had planned to show you a picture of his new spiffy haircut here, but apparently my husband is camera shy… *insert Marge Simpson growl here*


Another thing we started this week was an experiment on just how much food we can actually grow from table scraps. That right there is my celery, grown from the bottom of the bunch. It’s small and it has a ways to go, but it’s strong and we’re having a blast watching it grow!


And on the topic of growing things? My tomato seedlings are doing quite well so they had to be moved from the greenhouse I used to larger containers. Yes. Those are cut off 2-liter soda bottles. Yes. They work quite well. 🙂


This week we also made the switch to unpaper towels. I found a really awesome deal on Etsy from the Generation Me store and I’m THRILLED with the product!! I grabbed 12 unpaper towels for only $12.00 so at $1.00 each? That’s about the reg. price of a roll of paper towels! These will last a lot longer and they’re less waste! I can’t even calculate the amount of money we’ll save simply because these will last so much longer!


Finally, this week I made a switch that I’ve been considering for a long time. I started picking up cloth pads! I know, yucky topic, but the money that I’ll save long term versus buying disposable ones is crazy! At an average retail cost of $3.00 per pack, my cloth ones will pay for themselves in just a couple of months. After that? It’s home free on the money I’ve saved b/c these bad boys will last years if cared for correctly! I haven’t used them yet, but they feel super soft and I’m sure they’ll work just fine! You can email me if you’d like the name of the seller that I got mine from.

What I’m Reading This Week:


This is one of my favorite books for saving money and since it’s written by the Mom and Dad from what has been called “America’s Cheapest Family,” you can bet it helps you save. I’ve seriously read it like 8 times already and every single time I re-read it, I find something else that I need to do to save. I would go as far as to say it was the best $10.00 I ever spent! Since I’m actively looking to cut expenses, I went right back to it for ideas!


Here on the blog, I am really, REALLY outgoing, but in person? SO NOT!! Anyhow, The Well-Spoken Woman seems like it’s right up my alley so it’s on the nightstand this week too!



 Written by the same folks that wrote the first book in my list this week, The Money Smart Family System is all about kids! My Emma needs serious help with her money management skills so I’m hoping this will help us get things through her head!

A peek into our home:


So this happened this week…I know. Its not anywhere near as much as the North has gotten, but for Texas? It’s pretty significant! Snow is the one thing about living up north that I truly do miss so I was in Heaven with this stuff! It only lasted a few hours but it was here..in all of its white and cold glory.


I wasn’t the only one that was thrilled to see the snow. Yes…those are socks on her hands. Why? My child is apparently one of the biggest rednecks I have EVER met in my entire life. She wouldn’t give me 5 minutes to go grab her gloves out of the closet and instead felt the need to grab a pair of Tom’s socks.

I dunno. Don’t ask. I gave up trying to figure out her tween mind.

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  1. I can’t wait to hear how the pads work out for you! I’m not sure that I am brave enough to take that leap!

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