5 Frugal Ways to Use Food Scraps

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No matter who you are or how green you try to live, all of us have some waste in our lives. Our kitchens can be especially bad if you don’t watch what you’re doing. Luckily, there are quite a few different ways that you can cut down on waste or even turn it into something else. I love taking scraps and making them into something usable. These 5 frugal ways to use food scraps are a fantastic place to get started and they’re all REALLY easy to do!


Don't throw those scraps away! They can save you money! These 5 frugal ways to use food scraps can help you cut your grocery costs big time!


The thing about scraps is that they’re just that…scraps. You have to make an effort to use them up, but doing so can actually help you cut your budget pretty significantly if you do it long enough. While one item may only save you a few pennies, another way to use them might save you a dollar or two. Any savings is a good savings though and we all know that even pennies add up to dollars if you save them long enough.


Regrow Them – There are a TON of foods that can actually be regrown from scraps. Doing this can help you cut your grocery bill pretty significantly. I posted here how to regrow celery from scraps and the process is the same for most of them. Pineapple, celery, potatoes and more can be grown this way so start putting those scraps to work for you and your grocery bill.

Use scraps to make pet food – Dog food and cat food can be made at home using food scraps from meat, certain bones (be careful which ones you use), certain vegetables and more. Pinterest is full of homemade pet food recipes and with just a bit of searching, you can find some awesome ones to help you save.

Use scraps to make soaps – Things like oats, orange peels and more can be added to homemade soaps to give them an exfoliating surface. Again, Pinterest is a great place to find homemade soap recipes. I like to use oats in mine with a milk & honey fragrance oil. I have insanely dry skin and find that its VERY soothing!

Make broths and stocks – If you want to stretch your grocery budget even farther, save your beef and chicken bones plus any vegetable scraps you have and turn them into broth or stock. Its super easy to do and you can reuse the bones until they’re basically mush. All Recipes has a ton of great recipes for all types of broth if you don’t already have a good one.  If you’re like our family, you go through a ton of stock so this one little tip can save you hundreds per year if you use it a lot.

Compost it – Compost is so great for your garden and just another awesome way to put your scraps to good use. It’s actually pretty easy to compost kitchen waste and your garden will be much more full and lush after you start using it. You’ll need a compost bin to get started and to take a look at which food items are good to compost and which aren’t. The awesome thing about composting your scraps is that you can actually include other forms of waste too (like paper towel rolls, etc) to help cut down on what you’re throwing out even more and save money! Organic compost is crazy expensive!

My hubby sometimes gets annoyed with me because I’m always telling him that I can use something for something else. I don’t like spending money so when I find something that can be reused or turned into something else, I do it! I don’t see the point of doing something like buying broth when I can make my own! These 5 are just a small taste of the different ways you can reuse those scraps, but they’re big savers!

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  1. I like these ideas. Making my own soap as my skin is very dry too. Thank you -:)

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