5 Frugal Date Ideas for Spring

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Whether you’re married or just in a long term relationship,  date night is one of those things that is a must for keeping a relationship alive. Couples must have that alone time to talk and continue to get to know someone. Yes, you might think you know your husband or wife, but trust me. You don’t. People change from day to day, their thoughts and opinions change, their wants and desires change. Having a weekly or monthly date night allows you to stay caught up on each other. Plus? Who doesn’t need a little bit more romance in their lives?

Spring is a fantastic time of the year for dating and its even better for frugal dating! Temperatures aren’t too hot but they’re not too cold so you’re both able to go our and play in the sun! It can be a bit hard though to find a great frugal date night idea. You don’t want (or can’t afford to) spend a ton but you don’t want to come off as a cheapskate either. These 5 Frugal Date Ideas for spring will help you save money while falling in love all over again.

Dating your better half doesn't have to be expensive! These 5 Frugal Date Ideas for spring prove it! Spend time together and have a great time, all while staying in your budget!


Get outside together

Pack a picnic basket with decadent foods (Be sure you account for any food allergies. It would be bad to have them interrupt the date.) and head for the hills. Most national, state or city parks have free admission and cooking the foods yourself can save you a bucket load. Throw in a bottle of wine or sparkling cider and you’ve got a wonderful afternoon together finished by a great meal.

Feed more than your souls

Speaking of cooking, learn to cook together. Cooking together can teach trust (because hey, you have to trust someone to let them mess with your food lol). Community colleges are a great place to do this as the classes are usually cheap and they’ve typically got flexible schedules.

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Good for the soul is good for the body too 

Go for a bike ride together. Aside from being healthy for you both, riding bikes together is totally free as long as you already own the bikes! If you have to buy bikes, you can still do it on the cheap by checking out thrift stores for them. My daughters bike was bought from the Goodwill for $12.00. It was brand new, still had the price tags on it and only needed some air put in the tires that cost me .75¢ to use a gas station air machine. Because my Tom and I already had bikes, we can now do family bike outings for a final cost of $12.75.

Grow more than your love

Plant a garden together. If you’re the type that loves to garden, have him or her help. You’ll get the garden planted and get to spend time with your sweetie! To make this even better is that later on, if you grew vegetables in your garden, you and your date can enjoy the fruits of your labors together! You can kill off 3 dates (growing, cooking, hiking/eating) in ONE shot for very, VERY little money! 😉

Teach each other

Visit a museum together. A lot of museums will have free or discounted admission days. Use these days to learn about something new with your better half. You’ll be expanding your minds while not expanding your wallet. I would stay away from any niche museums though unless you’re both into that niche. The Baseball Hall of Fame isn’t going to go over well if one person isn’t into sports.


So there you have it. They’re not the most flashy dates but they’re small, intimate and most of all, frugal.

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