4 Reasons You Should Live a Simple Life

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Can I ask you something? When is the last time you were overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Actually, I’ll take it a step further and just go with, “when is the last time you were overwhelmed by the clutter in your life?” Me personally? Not that long ago. Actually, about 3 months ago. I walked through my home and realized it was full of possessions that we don’t use (or really want anymore), that my calendar was full of events none of us enjoyed, the laundry full of clothes that we honestly didn’t need and really? Just the clutter. I’d like to say I can get away from it by hopping onto the computer or settling down to read a book, but even my Kindle is cluttered.


So what is a Mom (and family) to do?


Are you tired of a cluttered, over processed life? I was too so I did something about it. These 4 reasons you should live a simple life might convince you to do the same thing we did!


Make a decision to work toward a minimalist lifestyle. That’s what. It used to be that I wanted this big homestead with livestock and everything else that comes with it, but as I get older? I find that I want that life less and less and instead, I really just want simple. It’s a move that I’ve been slowly making naturally for a very long time and didn’t even realize it until the other day. (Anyone else ever have something like that happen?). We’ve made a move toward a more natural lifestyle, getting rid of harsh chemicals in our home (still a work in progress of course), we’ve pretty much walked away from any processed foods, we’re actively working to get rid of all of that clutter I mentioned and more. We’re even looking at drastically downsizing our home….and know what? I think you make the change too.

Why would you want to take the steps we are? Why should you want to simplify things? Let’s look:

Lower costs of living – 

The whole point behind living a simple life is just that. To live simply. You’re not going out and buying tons of toys for the kids, you’re not out shopping for a new outfit every week, you’re not spending your hard earned money on more house than you need just to keep up with the Joneses. Instead, you’re actually doing the opposite. You’re saving money, you’re living within your means, you’re eating better for less and you’re truly working toward saving money without even realizing that you’re doing it.

Better health benefits – 

Living a simple life is not only cheaper, but it’s better for your health. Walking away from processed foods and drinks, getting rid of chemicals that could harm your family and more are ALL going to benefit not only your health, but your family’s as well. Even if you ignore the (very) obvious health benefits, you can’t ignore the (again) lower costs. If you’re not visiting the doctor as much, you’ll save. If you’re not sick as often, your insurance costs drop. No matter how you look at it, it’s quite obvious (to me at least) that a simpler life really does equal better health.

Less Stress and a happier outlook – 

Did you know that a cluttered home can have a significant impact on your emotional state? Put simply? Clutter makes you feel bad. One of the very first things I noticed when we started decluttering was how much more at peace I felt. Before, I had been truly uncomfortable as I walked through the house, but now? I’m calm, cool and collected (well..MOST days I am. I am human after all). Just like with better health can be tied into reason #1, this one can be too. Less stress equals better health benefits. Better health benefits equals money saved.

See where I’m going with this?

I have one more thought for you and this one is huge for me. It was the single reason that finally convinced me that I needed to stop playing at it and really make it an ongoing effort.

Children learn what they live – 

As parents, one of our biggest jobs is to teach our kids. We teach them everyday and even when we think we’re not? They’re watching and they’re learning.If your kids are raised in a house that is full of clutter, if they learn that it’s par for the course to work just to have more than the guy next door, if they grow up using cleaners and things that could hurt them, if they learn that dinner comes from a box instead of a mixing bowl, that savings is something only people with better incomes have, that possessions define who they are and how far they’ve made it in life; they’ll go on to live their adult lives like that.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my daughter thinking any of that.Instead, I want her to know how to use Mother Nature to clean the sink. I want her to not only know, but understand that while possessions are nice, her worth is not defined by them. I want her to live as frugally as possible without sacrificing the quality of her life. I want her to eat well, but healthy as well. I want her to be better than I am.

So I made the choice to do the only thing I could….lead her by example.


I don’t know whether I’ve convinced you to move toward living a simpler life or if I’ve even raised a few questions for you, but what I do know? My family is calmer, my budget is better and we’re all feeling much healthier.


Are you moving toward a simple life? If so, I’d love to hear your reasons!


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Stacy Barr

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Stacy Barr
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  1. Libby Louise Kemma says:

    Bravo, Stacy! You hit the nail right on the head. Why continue to live with the anxiety of being bogged down by stuff you don’t need? I, too, want to simplify my home and life. I’m glad you acknowledged that it is a process. It’s a work in progress and some days are better than others (and I admit, today is a mess!!!). Best wishes and blessings in your mission!

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