4 Amazing Baby Shower Gifts

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Baby’s on its way, and it’s time to celebrate. Whether it’s a family member, friend or coworker, getting closer to the due date always means one thing: a rush of baby showers. All new and expectant moms know that a baby brings with it a lot of responsibilities, and the need a lot of stuff. So help ease the transition and take some of the burden off mom by giving her a gift she’s sure to love, and most importantly, need. Below is a list of some great gifts that fit the bill and keep mom and baby happy.

Clothes and Shoes

We’ll start with the basics. While clothes may seem cliché, they’re a staple for a reason. Babies grow. A lot. They are constantly changing and needing new sizes, and a fortune can be dropped on a baby’s wardrobe alone just trying to keep up. So help mom out by giving her a clothes reserve. While everyone else may be focusing on purely baby onesies and outfits, you should plan ahead and give some clothes a few sizes up so she’s prepared when that unexpected growth spurt hits. Think accessories as well — will it be cold where you live? Winter hats and blankets will be essential. Maybe summer’s coming before too long? Swimwear, even cute sunglasses will be appropriate. And of course, don’t forget shoes. Another item that babies outgrow in a blink of an eye, shoes are always a hit. Go for a brand like Pediped, which are designed to support growing feet. Also check out some cute-as-a-button baby socks to keep the little one’s tootsies toasty.

Modern Diaper Bag

You don’t have to be an expectant mom to know that a diaper bag is a must. It will be the lifesaver that takes the place of the ever-present purse and holds everything from diapers and creams to snacks and toys. The only problem with the diaper bag? It looks like a diaper bag, which usually means a padded, pastel, animal-printed giant bag that follows you everywhere. Luckily, more and more companies are coming out with modern nursery bags that perform all functions of the diaper bag while still looking like something you’d want to be seen in public with — even sans baby. Many are designed to look like stylish, top-of-the-line purses, and all new moms will appreciate this intersection of style and practicality.

Also, while we’re on the subject of diapers — get diapers. It may not be the most fun or glamorous gift, but the mom to be will thank you for them when baby time comes. It’s one of the essentials that you never realize you need so much of until your sending dad out at midnight, so stock them up with a few packs newborn and a few packs of size; diapers are another thing babies grow out of fast.

Bouncy Seat

Some new moms are hesitant to put bigger items on their registry, but that’s what groups are for, right? Pitch in with a few girlfriends and go for the good stuff. The one thing the new mom may need most is peace and quiet, so anything that will provide the newborn with entertainment is a must for moms. That’s where something like the bouncy seat comes in handy. The seats are known for their calming effects; just strap ‘em in and let the chair work its magic. If you decide to do the group thing, go all in and spring for a bouncer; there are plenty of brands to choose from, and many come with removable toy bars to keep babies extra-entertained.

Baby Bjorn

Any mom on the go needs a way to bring the babe, and the go-to when it comes to transportation is the classic Baby Bjorn. It holds the baby in close and is designed to contour to the individual’s size and features. Most new moms swear by them, so make sure it’s included at your shower.

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