3 Things to Buy In Person To Save

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With the emergence of Amazon and every other online conglomerate, most families have become accustomed to shopping online and practically living online, too. Attachment to the internet is a different issue, though, and there is no debating that it often offers the best deals available. When it comes to managing your finances and saving money, though, there are several items that you should always shop for in person. You might be surprised by the savings you can discover by simply stepping away from the computer and searching in the real world. Opportunities abound to save money.

3 Things You Should Shop for In Person


Savings like these can make all the difference in your family’s monthly budget. We all know what it feels like to manage expenses down to the dollar, but you can save much more than a dollar by employing these strategic approaches. The next time you’re in the market for one of these items, find the best prices by skipping the web.

Groceries and Food

Many online retailers have expanded their inventory to include food and grocery items. While this may offer optimal convenience—who doesn’t love skipping the store?—it does not always offer the best price. Your best bet is to browse your local stores’ weekly circulars for the best deals and then head to the store in person. Laborious though it may be, you are far more likely to find great deals at the store than on the web. Grocery stores must continually move their stock in order to make room for new product, so sales are more frequent and typically better.

Insurance Policies

You might not think of your local insurance agency as the hot spot for savings, but you would be surprised at what a simple trip to your insurer’s office can do for your family’s budget. Indeed, your insurance agent may be able to help you find savings and discounts that simply are not available online. This is just one reason why so many people opt to get their policy in person. The next time you are in need of new coverage or looking for ways to save, stopping by your local insurance agency is one of the best steps.

Clothing and Essentials

Online retailers may have the best daily prices on clothing and other essential items, but when your local outlets have sales, the prices may very well beat those you will find on the web. Too many families overspend on such items because they assume that the internet stores will have the best prices. Rather than hopping online, keep an eye out on your local circulars and catch seasonal and monthly sales that offer substantial savings. Remember, too, that buying clothing and essentials in person allows you to try them on and see them before making your final purchase.


While online stores certainly offer convenience and some other benefits, shopping in person is far from obsolete. In fact, it can offer your family some significant savings, so it is best not to write it off. The next time you are in the market for clothes, insurance or groceries, go in person.

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