25 Must Grab Yard Sale Finds

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Yard sale season is almost here and I couldn’t be more excited! I LOVE going out on a Saturday afternoon with my family and hunting for awesome deals! Yard sales are kind of hit or miss though and if you’re not careful? You can easily spend your hard earned money on junk.


Hitting the yard sales soon? Make sure you keep an eye out for these items! These 25 items are almost always worth picking up at yard sales!


While I don’t necessarily think you should go blow your money at the first yard sale you see, there are a few things that I think you should ALWAYS pick up at a yard sale versus buying them new. Take a look at my list of 25 must grab yard sale finds and see what you think.

Silver Flatware – just be sure you’re actually picking up solid silver and not plated
Baby clothing – babies grow so fast that they don’t really need more than a couple of new outfits. Instead, pick up cheap finds in good condition at your next yard sale.
Cast Iron Cookware – cast iron NEVER becomes unusable so even if it’s rusted? Pick it up and restore it. You’ll save big over buying it new.
Cookbooks – Don’t pay retail for a new cookbook. Instead, stop by a few yard sales and pick them up used.
Blankets or Bedding Sets – Have you priced a new bedding set? CRAZY! Grab them at a yard sale for a fraction of the price. Just be sure to wash them well to keep any bugs out of your home.

Name Brand Clothing – There really is truth to the saying “quality over quantity” so let’s face it, most name brands are much better made than cheaper brands. Instead of buying new generic labels, grab used name brands at yard sales for a steal.
Office and School Supplies – School and business requires a lot of supplies. ’nuff sald. 🙂
Kids toys – Well certain ones anyhow. Toys like Lego’s, MegaBloks, Tonka and other higher brand toys are a GREAT find at yard sales. Barbies are also a great pick up!
Higher end home decor – Don’t waste your money on new. Buy the same thing for pennies on the dollar at your next yard sale.
Homeschool supplies – If you live in an area where there are a lot of homeschoolers, be sure to keep your eye out for any curriculum or other supplies that you may need in the future.

Big ticket furniture items – Need a new bed? Make the local yard sales the first place you turn. There’s no reason to buy a new piece when you can find one just as nice at a yard sale for less.
Books – If you like the feel of a real book in your hands, feed your reading habit guilt free and take your pick from the many yard sales that put out tons of books. Most of them time you can find them for $1.00 or less!
Small kitchen appliances – Want a new Keurig? Check the yard sales first. Just be sure you ask to make sure that it works like it’s supposed to before you buy. No one wants to buy a dud.
Grills – Have you priced a new grill lately? If not, um…they’re expensive. 😀 Instead of dropping a wad of cash, find one at a yard sale and clean it up.
Baby strollers – While you should NEVER buy a used car seat, strollers are fair game. I actually found my Emma’s stroller at a yard sale for $10.00. It retailed for over $100 new. All it needed? A bottle of cleaner and a sponge. Just be sure you check out all straps, wheels, locks and so on to be sure they’re mechanically sound.

Camping gear – Case in point? Last summer I sold an almost brand new camp cot for $25.00. When I bought it new? It cost me over $80.00. Never pass up a deal on camping gear if it’s all there and in good, usable condition.
Cold weather clothing and shoes – What better time could there be to pick up the cold weather gear that your family will need once summer is over? Pick it up over the summer for a steal!
Wedding supplies and clothing – Getting married? Hunt the yard sales for everything from decor to attire. You can save BIG on your ceremony and reception by finding them at a garage sale.
Tools – Know a man (or woman) who fancies themselves a Mr. (or Ms.) Fix-it, but really isn’t? Those yard sales are awesome. Build up your own toolbox at your local yard sale and save your money for something else your family needs.
Craft Supplies – A crafty girl can go broke buying craft supplies if she’s not careful. I LOVE when I can score craft supplies for cheap!
Highchairs – Highchairs are another HOT yard sale item. Don’t pass up one if you find it.
Exercise equipment – So lots of people make new years resolutions to get in shape, but for the majority? By yard sale season those resolutions are long forgotten. Use this to your advantage and build your own gym on the cheap.
Fishing equipment – Along the lines of camping gear, fishing poles, tackle boxes and other fishing gear are a must grab yard sale item. Never pass it up if it’s in good shape and you can use it.
Kids sports gear – Kids play basketball or soccer? Cleats, gloves and more can all cause you to go broke. Instead of breaking the bank, check the yard sales for quality used versions.
Men’s Suits – A quality men’s suit can run you upwards of $200 new. If you find one in the right size at a yard sale for a good price? Pick it up. You can always have it altered to the perfect fit.



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  1. Nice! I never carry cash anymore so I usually stay away from yard sales. Spring is upon us though and we have a toddler, so I may have to go out looking. =)

  2. lorraine williamson says:

    love the list always on the look out for a good deal will be looking for the cast iron been trying to find for a while thanks for sharing

  3. I recent was helping a friend move out of her ritzy apartment after she got laid off, while taking out some items to the dumpster, I notices a Jeep brand jogging stroller next to the dumpster. Besides being extremely dusty and dirty, it looked fine. I put in the backseat of my car, took it home and in my driveway with the hose, a scrub brush and so spray cleaner, I cleaned it very well. I posted it on craigslist the next day as use, and received many emails and calls about it. The very next morning, I sold it for $100. Pure profit!!

  4. i buy just about everything at yard sales, clothes, garden items, kitchen items, kids toys, furniture etc etc i look them up on craigslist and only go to the nice areas and if the craigslist add sounds promising. I also buy to resell if i know i can make a nice profit,.

  5. Pots and pans! I reciently moved cross county with just a footlocker and a carry-on. At a yard sale where a senior went into a nursing home I found one of those recliners that lifts you up to standing for $100. It was like new. My best reading chair. I also scored a set of kitchen knives with wooden block $5, and $3 for 2 stainless steel frying pans, restaurant quality. All well taken care of!! Now I’m looking for pressure cookers and pressure caners and a rice steamer in my journeys throough second hand stores, thrift stores and yard and estate sales. Why pay full price?

  6. Dee Lafrenz says:

    Love garage and yard sales! Just be careful on buying. Found one 2 weeks ago, YARN, tons of it. Problem was Hobby Lobby had crochet thread on sale for $1.99, the yard sale was $2. And most of the labels were off, so you did not know if you were getting a partial or whole skeins/balls. They had small skeins for $2, and Medium skeins for $3. You can also find these several times a year for the same price, and in the colors you want. I almost bought a large ball of crochet thread that was marked $2, she tried to up the price, and I said no, I did not buy it. I have a shelf, the length of my kitchen, it is filled with cook books mostly from garage sales. Most were never used or hardly used. Some even have the gold edging, meaning real quality. I have bought cookbooks for as little as 10 cents. Also, don’t be afraid to haggle, some people will drop their prices if you ask nicely, key word Nicely!

  7. Cynthia L says:

    Great ideas. I haven’t had the time to go to many yard sales this year, but I am hoping to get to some before school begins.

  8. Irene Plonka says:

    Decorator items are great finds. I buy colored glass for my windows, snow globes, crafts items, baskets, purses, vacation souvenirs (places I have been) (why pay high prices while there) new caps, books, magazines, fishing equipment for hubby, Hallmark Christmas ornies, costume jewelry, watches (all they need is a battery, usually, and I get them cheap at flea market)
    anything I feel like collecting right now, folding chairs, lots of new items,
    Most of these things I pay $1 for and if I decide I do not like them anymore, off to Good Will for donation.
    My whole patio, except for one new item, is from garage sales. Great buys.

  9. Sandi Dudley says:

    One of the main things I look for is canning supplies. Mason jars can all be used for so many things not canning but lots of decorating. Don’t forget to look for things like vintage things. You never know when you might need it for bartering.

  10. Lynda Manselle says:

    I am always on the look out for material for making grocery totes, then I donate to women’s shelters. I tell the people what I’m looking for and doing, they sometimes drop the prices or ask if I need any related items. If they give me a awesome deal for the items, I note the address and send them a picture of the tote made from the items I got from them. Just a little way to say thank you.

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