2015 Grocery Challenge: 8 Stores, 1 Day & January’s Shopping is Done!

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Month 1's shopping for the 2015 grocery challenge is done! Did I stay in budget or go over?


Whoo! Yes, I know that we’re only half way through the month but my grocery shopping for Jan is DONE! We hit 8 different stores the other day and yes, that was extremely tiring! We literally shopped until we all dropped but hey, we’re stocked up (almost)…lol. If you’re new to the Grocery Challenge, you can check out why we’re doing it HERE and my first update HERE. To catch you up, at the end of my last update, I had $261.14 left of my grocery budget for January. My grocery budget for January, and probably February were a bit higher than what they normally would be due to the fact that my stockpile was entirely depleted! We had been eating off of it for months and it was all gone! So for Jan and Feb, I’ll be using a higher grocery budget to start to build that stockpile back up.


So here’s what our grocery trip the other day looked like. I hit (4) different Walmart stores because of the Bayer coupons, Albertsons, Kroger, Target and Save A Lot. Yes, 8 stores, 8 hours of shopping…lol. In the end, this is sorta kinda what it looked like.

1- Honda Accord really weighed down with groceries… 😀

  • 17lbs ground turkey
  • 3lbs ground beef
  • 3 flank steaks
  • 14lbs chicken
  • 4 gallons milk
  • 6lbs pasta
  • 4 jars Ragu
  • 6 boxes of cereal
  • 5 Snuggle and 1 Gain
  • 180 Dish tablets ( (3) 90 count boxes of Finish)
  • Potatoes
  • 2lbs mushrooms (be sure to check back next week to check out what I did with these bad boys!)
  • White onions
  • oranges
  • apples
  • Soup
  • Canned Chili


and SOOOOO much more!! We had so many pantry items that I seriously had to reorganize my cupboards to get it all in there! All in all? It was a GREAT trips! I’m not gonna list every deal we got b/c that would just take up way too much time and space but here’s the full trip breakdown:

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Before coupons and sales – $567.03 worth of food 
Total savings used: $295.09 (includes gift cards that were rolled)
Final Price: $271.94

Total Savings: 52%


I’ll take it! Especially when you take into account the amount of meat and produce that we bought!

Here’s the kicker though: I blew my budget! Oh noes! 🙂


My remaining grocery budget for the month was $261.14. I spent $271.94 for a difference of $10.80! I then got $0.98 cash back from Shopmium (use code GFMKCGPK when you sign up to get a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar!), .$0.50 cash back from iBotta, and $0.25 from Jingit! The cash back drops me down to just $9.07 over! Then, I made sure to scan my reciepts and scored enough points to get $5.00 cash from Receipt Hog!! That means I’m just $4.07 over my budget!! Whooo hoooo!!


Know what though? If $4.o7  is all I go over it for? I’m okay with that!


Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for the February grocery budget! Also make sure you head over to The Frugal Navy Wife and Freetail Therapy and check out their posts! They’re challenging  right along with me!

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