2012 Kia Rio Review – Kia Rio vs. Public Transportation Bus

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2012 Kia Rio Review


So that ^^^ up there is what the 2012 Kia Rio looks like. We had the opportunity to drive one for a week and I have to say, it’s a sharp piece of machinery. She’s slick, smooth and rides well. She can also absorb an impact better than anything I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding in. How do I know? Because…



THIS is what ours looked like after day 3 of having it for review. Now bear with me. I realize that the damage shown on the car is very little. You wouldn’t think it would be much would you? Now let me show you something else…


Photo Credit: San Marcos Mercury

THAT is what we were hit by. Yup. We were hit in that car, on the passenger side (so direct on my door) by a bus at least 3 times the size of the Kia Rio…and that’s all of the damage that was done.


My point? While we found the Rio a bit too small for us (Tom and I are both of the bigger sort and prefer larger cars), it drove very well, we got very good gas mileage and when it came down to it? We barely felt the impact of that bus. We were hit direct on the passenger side door, I was sitting there, and I barely felt it. Everyone was okay, Emma was a bit scared but no injuries to speak of and honestly? It could have been a whole lot worse. Had the Rio not absorbed the impact of the collision as well as it did, it could have been MUCH worse. For that reason? The 2012 Kia Rio gets 5 stars from me..I’d give it 10 if I could based on that fact alone.


The 2012 Kia Rio comes with a manual or automatic transmission. The automatic (what we had) is rated for 28 mpg in city and 37 on the highway. We actually were getting right on that. Running out of gas was no issue in this car. It’s been named one of the “most versitile cars of 2012 under 20k,” “one of the best cars for teens,” and “one of 2012’s best engines.” (source)
Basically? The car has it all.


But to make it even better? It’s low priced. At around $13,600 MSRP, the new Rio’s, the 2013’s are a real deal. If interested, contact your local Kia dealer or check it out over at the Kia Motors website.
This is the third Kia that we’ve had the pleasure of driving and I want to add that overall? We are extremely impressed with them. When we’re ready to buy in a couple of months, Kia Motors will be the first place we turn to.



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