20 Tried & True Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards

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For years I have been buying Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and more totally free. Sometimes I pay a little bit out of pocket, but most of the time, I have no need to do so. Not only am I able to buy gifts for free but I am also able to buy free groceries each month, watch tv online for free and occasionally pay my phone bill without taking money out of my budget as well. I don’t pay for household items either and instead, I get them free as well. The same goes for pet food and supplies as well. How? By finding different ways to earn free gift cards! I even have a system that I work everyday that allows me to earn $225.00 or more extra in free gift cards each month!

Ways to earn free gift cards online - Tired of struggling with your family budget? Using gift cards can help! These 20 ways to earn free gift cards are tried & true ways to help you save money!

If you have never had the chance to earn free gift cards, you’re seriously missing out. They can make a huge difference in your family budget since you can often use a gift card to pay for something that you otherwise would need to pay cash for. Groceries, homeschool supplies, kids toys, gifts and yes, even a utility or two. By using the gift card in place of cash, you give yourself another way to add more cash to your savings account. This alone can help you cut your household expenses, build a solid emergency fund and more.

Tried and True Ways to Earn Free Gift Cards

Over the years, I’ve worked hundreds of different sites to earn free gift cards. Some were amazing and others not so much. If you’re new to Six Dollar Family, you’ll want to know that I don’t easily recommend a site or service. After six years of blogging professionally, there is nothing more important to me than the safety of my readers which means that the very last thing I want is to recommend a site to earn free gift cards that won’t work well for them. These 20 tried and true ways to earn free gift cards are the ones that years after I began working them, I still am. In other words, they’re my favorites and I am 100% certain that they are legitimate, pay well and pay on time and are just what you need to earn!

Ebates – 

Ebates isn’t technically a way to earn free gift cards on a regular basis, but it is still a fantastic site that I wanted to be sure I mentioned. When you sign up for an Ebates account, you have the chance to earn cash back when you shop. In some cases, you’ll earn when you shop in store, but for the most part, you’ll earn cash back when you shop online. You do have the chance to earn a free gift card as well. When you sign up for Ebates and make your first purchase of $25.00 or more through them, you’ll be given a free $10.00 gift card to Walmart or a $10.00 cash back bonus.

InstaGC – 

This is one of my top 2 ways to earn free gift cards and one that I have – quite literally – made thousands of dollars from. With you sign up for an InstaGC account, you’ll be able to watch videos, do offers, take surveys, click links and many other tasks in exchange for points. Those points can then be traded in for free gift cards, Paypal cash or direct deposit. They have a huge selection of gift cards to choose from which makes it a fantastic option for people like me who are trying to pay for multiple things with their gift cards. To get started, head over and create your InstaGC account then confirm your email and they’ll give you 10 points free to start. Once you reach 100 points ($1.00), you can begin to cash out. Gift cards and Paypal are paid instantly and ACH/Direct deposit takes 2-3 days.

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My #2 favorite way to earn free gift cards is with Swagbucks. We all search the web so why shouldn’t we be paid for it? When you sign up for a Swagbucks account, you’ll be able to search the web, take surveys, watch videos and more for points. Points are cashed in for free gift cards or cash paid by Paypal. Rewards are sent 7-10 days after you cash them out. I use Swagbucks for everything from Sam’s Club to gas cards and more.


When you shop for groceries, do you ever wish you could make money back on them? If so, you’ll want to sign up for an Ibotta account. Ibotta pays you cash back rebates when you buy your groceries like milk, bread, produce and tons more! All you have to do is choose your rebate, scan the barcode with your phone and take a photo of your receipt. Ibotta will then verify your purchase and you’ll earn the rebate! You can cash out your balance when your earn $20.00 for free gift cards or Paypal. Once you cash out, your payment is usually instant.

Reward Shopping –

Reward Shopping is another site that is super easy to earn free gift cards with! Sign up for a Reward Shopping account and you will be able to complete offers and more in exchange for points. You can also push the “Super Easy” button and earn points that way too. Once you’ve got enough to cash out, you can cash out for free Amazon gift cards, free Target gift cards and more.

ShopTracker PC App – 

If you like getting paid in free gift cards for doing pretty much nothing, you’ll want to sign up for a ShopTracker PC App account. Run by Harris Poll, this app downloads to your browser so that your shopping habits can be analyzed. It’s totally free to join and once you download the ShopTracker PC app to your browser, you’ll be paid a $3.00 free gift card within 48 hours. The longer you keep the app, the more free gift cards you’ll earn!

Prizerebel – 

Prizerebel is probably my third favorite site to earn free gift cards on and for a very good reason. Not only can you complete offers, take surveys and more to earn free gift cards, but you can literally order almost anything online. This makes signing up for a Prizerebel account a fantastic idea for earning actual prizes to use as gifts. You could also use Prizerebel to replace items around your home that need to be replaced. I once got a new mixer from them so that I wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for it!


MySoapBox Panel – 

With MySoapBox Panel, you’ll be able to take surveys and more in exchange for free gift cards to both stores and restaurants to help you save money. I’ve also heard of them doing free product tests, but have never been offered one myself. When you sign up for a MySoapBox Panel account, you’ll be given 2,000 points to get you started.

Quick Rewards

Quick Rewards is one of the best sites on this list and is in my top 5 ways to earn free gift cards or cash. Sign up for a Quick Rewards account and they will pay you to do almost anything online. You’ll get paid to watch videos, take surveys, visit sites, help others and so much more. They pay by Paypal only which makes them perfect if you’re looking for ways to extra money at home to pay a bill with.


Listia is great if you’re trying to live a simple life and need to get rid of some things. It works on an auction format like Ebay except everything is paid for in Listia coins. When you sign up for a Listia account, you can get rid of the items you no longer want and use the coins that you earn for them to buy gift cards that other people have up for auction. You can also complete offers to earn free coins too.

My Points – 

MyPoints is an oldie, but still a goodie. Sign up for a Mypoints account and you can earn points from reading emails, shopping and more. You can then trade those points into gift cards!

Topcashback – 

Topcashback is another cash back shopping site like Ebates with one exception. You can choose to cash out your cash back in cash or by Amazon gift card. Plus, when you sign up for a Topcashback account and you are ready to cash out, you’ll earn a bonus for choosing Amazon gift card. I use both Ebates and TCB when I shop online. I will go through both sites to determine which pays a higher percentage of cash back and shop through that one.

Ipsos iSay – 

Have you ever been reading or listening to a news article and heard the words “Ipsos” in regards to a survey result? THat very same Ipsos is a great way for you to earn free gift cards and cash. When you sign up for an Ipsos account, you’ll also have the chance to test free full-size products. I’ve personally done tests for dog biscuits, shampoo and more.

Valued Opinions –

Valued Opinions is another fantastic one on my list. Sign up for a Valued Opinions account and you’ll get paid to take surveys, participate in focus groups, test products and more. I’ve seen people get paid to test DSLR cameras and even high dollar toys!

Points2Shop – 

Points2shop is a lot like Prizerebel above and is one of the sites I have been with the longest. Sign up for a Points2Shop account and they’ll give you enough points to cash out for $1.00 right off the bat. They do this so that you can verify that they do indeed pay. After that, take surveys, complete offers and more for points. Trade your points in for gift cards, cash or actual prizes!


MySurvey – 

MySurvey is another long standing survey company and one that is rated A+ by both the BBB and Survey Police. Sign up for a Mysurvey account and you’ll take surveys for cash. This is another one of my favorite sites to use to pay bills with since they pay by cash.

Harris Poll Online –

Harris Poll Online, the same company that puts out the Shoptracker PC app above, also has a paid survey site you can join. You’ll take real surveys in exchange for earning free gift cards. I’ve been a member of this one for years and have earned thousands in free gift cards over that time. It is very worth it to sign up for a Harris Poll Online account and to sign up for a Shoptracker PC account together. You’ll double your earnings!

Global Test Market – 

Sign up for a Global Test Market account and you’ll take surveys for cash. They pay by check. They also do paid product testings occasionally as well which means you could potentially score some fantastic products!

CashCrate – 

Cashcrate is one of the longest running GPT sites – or a site that you can get paid to – complete offers, take surveys and more. They pay by check only once a month. When you sign up for a Cashcrate account, they’ll give you $1.00 free just for confirming your email.


Opinion Plus Panel – 

Finally, sign up for an Opinion Plus Panel account and you’ll take surveys and complete offers for points. Once you earn $10.00 in points, they redeem them for you and pay directly to your Paypal account. This one is great for just a little side cash since it’s so easy to set it and forget it with their auto redeem feature!

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  1. Teresa Allen says:

    Thanks for the list….I would also recommend mypoints.com!

  2. I am dropping by from Frugal Friday. This is a massive list of apps I didn’t even know existed. How good is the Walmart savings catcher app?

    • It’s so so. I wouldn’t use it exclusively for savings, but it never hurts to scan and see. In 2 trips for me, it’s caught about $7.00 total.

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