20 Tried & True Ways to Earn FREE Gift Cards!

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People often ask me how I save so much on everyday items, Christmas and birthdays. The answer? With FREE Gift Cards! These 20 Tried & True Ways to Earn FREE Gift Cards will have you spending less cash in no time! This is my complete list with 3 Bonus sites I use to "shop for Free" too!


So many times I have people ask me how I pay so little for Christmas and birthdays each year and how I can save so much money on things like tp and dish tablets. Up until now I’ve been kind of secretive about it but guess what? I’m about to tell you!

Free gift cards!

I use very specific apps and websites to earn as many free gift cards as I possibly can. Those gift cards are then used on things like household needs, pet care items, Christmas, birthdays and even groceries or bills sometimes! They really help to supplement income and they’re super simple to get and now I’m going to help you get them too!

Check out these 20 tried & true ways to earn free gift cards. Each one is used personally by me and I have been paid by each one (unless otherwise stated). To try one, just click the name of the app or site and the site to sign up will pop right open!


     1. iBotta– iBotta is a cash back app that pays you cash back for buying regular groceries. You shop like normal, accept offers that match things you bought, scan your receipt and get paid! Its that simple!

Gift cards you can earn: Starbucks, Express, Aeropostale, Regal and iTunes. (Paypal is a payment option as well.)

     2. Superpoints– Click the Super Lucky button, stumble websites and do offers to earn points. Those points are then redeemed for gift cards! Be sure to fill out your profile to 100% so that you can easily move up in experience levels.

Gift cards you can earn: Amazon, Target, Fandango (You can earn actual prizes as well)

     3. InstaGc– Watch videos, do offers and surveys, click links and more to earn points. Points are traded in for gift cards.

Gift cards you can earn: Amazon, Walmart, Netflix, Target, Am Ex, Bath & Body Works and too many more to list. (You can also choose check or direct deposit as a payment method).

     4. Shopkick– Earn kicks for checking in at stores and scanning bar codes while you’re there.

Gift Cards you can earn: Target, Toys R Us, Aero, AE, Macy’s, Tj Maxx. Old Navy, Best Buy and More! They also have a few actual prizes as well.

     5. Checkpoints– Earn points for checking in at stores, checking in at other places, watching videos and more. You can earn 100 points a day JUST for watching videos meaning you can earn a small Amazon card every 3.5 days if that is ALL you do. Use code thrbarrgir for FREE points when you sign up.

Gift Cards you can earn: Walmart, Amazon, Target, Sephora and more

     6. Swagbucks– Search the web and win points to trade into gift cards!

Gift cards you can earn: Amazon, Walmart and more! (They also have Paypal options, actual rewards and sweepstakes you can enter)

     7. Perk Tv– Watch movie trailers on your phone for points. Trade your points in for gift cards! This is super easy to earn from if you just let the videos run. Use code 847c97e8 to get 50 free poings when you sign up.

Gift cards you can earn: Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Staples, Gander Mountain and more!

      8. Receipt Hog– Submit ANY reciept from shopping and earn coins. Use my code sapt6425 to earn FREE spins at their slots (win points) when you submit your first receipt.

Gift Cards you can earn: Amazon or cash

     9. Punchcard– Scan receipts to earn points plus earn Mpoints for different actions (checking in, visiting sites) on your phone. You can earn 5 points a day just from checking in on the app.

Gift cards you can earn: Walmart, Home Depot, Starbucks, Amazon and actual prizes as well.

        10. iRazoo– search the web, watch videos, recommend websites and more to earn points. Be sure to “like” them on Facebook for free treasure codes that give you free points.

Gift cards you can earn: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Sears/Kmart and more!

       11. GiftHulk– Search the web, play games, enter codes and more!

Gift cards you can earn: Amazon, Walmart, GroupoOn, iTunes, Kohl’s, Lowe’s and more!

      12. Quick Rewards – Take surveys, watch vides and more in exchange for points. Points are gift cards.

Gift cards you can earn: Amazon, and tons more plus cash.

      13. Listia– List clutter and things you no longer want. Other people buy those items and you get credits. Use those credits to “buy” other gift cards. You will get 1,000 free credits when you sign up.

Gift cards you can win: Amazon, Walmart and more!

      14. Walmart Savings Catcher– Scan your Walmart reciepts to see if you overpaid. If they find a lower advertised price, they’ll refund the difference.

Gift cards you can earn: Walmart

     15.LootShare pictures and share statuses on social media. I have not been paid by this one yet as I just started using it.

What you can earn: Cash

     16. Mintvine Panel – Take surveys, complete offers

What you can earn: Paypal and other rewards

     17. Top Cash Back– Shopping online? TCB will pay you cash back. You can cash that cash back in for gift cards or Paypal. Cash out for Amazon and they will give you a 2.1% bonus on your cashout.

Gift cards you can earn: Amazon or Paypal.

       18. Stock Up– Scan barcodes of items in the store and enter prices to earn points. I have not been paid by this one as I just started using it.

What you can earn: Paypal cash + cash bonuses.

        19. YouGov – Take surveys and earn points.

Gift cards you can earn: Visa gift cards, Amazon, Walmart, iTunes and more

         20. iPoll – Take surveys for gift cards. They will give you a $5.00 credit when you sign up.

Gift cards you can earn: Starbucks, Paypal, Amazon, Travelocity and more.


Bonus Sites that I use to “shop for free”


Points 2 Shop – Complete offers and take surveys for points. Use those points to order gift cards, cash or actual prizes that are shipped from Amazon.com and other sites. They will give you $$2.50 cash for signing up that you are able to cash out as soon as you verify your email address.

What you can earn: Gift cards, cash and literally anything you want as long as you have the points to pay for it.

ThredUp – Thredup is an online consignment store for kids and women. You send the clothing, shoes and accessories you no longer want or need in and they will give you either store credit or cash for them. I always choose store credit and use that to buy clothing for my Emma when she needs it again or for myself. I have not paid for clothing in over 2 years doing it this way. They do have quite a bit of items that are NWT so you can use them for gifts and they also have designer handbags.

You can get a $10.00 off $10.00 purchase credit HERE or if you know you’ll be spending a bit,you can get a FREE $20.00 gift card (good on a $75.00 purchase) HERE.

Shop Your Way Rewards – This program is from Sears and Kmart and gives you points back on any purchase you make online or in store. Every few weeks they also send out free points that are usually good with no minimum. I use these points to pick up smaller items that work well as stocking stuffers or small things that we need around the house. Signing up HERE makes me your personal shopper meaning that I can send you coupons (I send them every 2 weeks) good for free points, off of home purchases and more.





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  1. Teresa Allen says:

    Thanks for the list….I would also recommend mypoints.com!

  2. I am dropping by from Frugal Friday. This is a massive list of apps I didn’t even know existed. How good is the Walmart savings catcher app?

    • It’s so so. I wouldn’t use it exclusively for savings, but it never hurts to scan and see. In 2 trips for me, it’s caught about $7.00 total.

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