15 Ways to Have an Awesome Christmas Break

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Christmas break will be here for most of us and that can mean one of two things for parents. Two weeks spent with their kids climbing the walls or 2 weeks of awesomeness. For a lot of families, they won’t go and do a whole lot because they don’t think it will fit into their budget. That’s where a lot of people get confused though. Having fun and doing fun family activities doesn’t always have to cost a ton. They don’t have to break your budget. You can have an awesome Christmas break without going broke.

Family Fun at Christmas doesn't have to bust your budget! These 15 Ways to Have an Awesome Christmas are all budget friendly and the perfect way to have fun with your family!

Some of my favorite Christmas memories as a child are memories that didn’t include a lot of money spent. They were cheap and budget friendly but trust me, I didn’t notice as a kid. I enjoyed the fact that I got to spend time with my family, that I got to have fun and to me, that was all that mattered. Your kids will likely feel the same. To them, all that will matter is that they’re having a blast and that you are spending time with them.

15 Ways to Have an Awesome Christmas Break

When you’re looking for ways to have fun at Christmas, think about the type of things that you would have enjoyed as a child. If you can put yourself in the shoes of your kids, you’ll end up with a home run more often than not. Most of these activities don’t require much, maybe a few supplies, but for the most part? They’re super easy to do and very much in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas lights – In a lot of cities and states, you can find huge displays of Christmas lights and most of them charge per car load. Here in the Northeast Texas area, we will pay $25.00 per car load to drive through a HUGE display. Gather everyone in the car and head out to see the sights. If you don’t have the money to pay a per car load fee, you can still see beautiful displays just by driving around your city for a few.

Have a Christmas slumber party – Gather the kids up, pile warm pillows and blankets in front of the t.v. and turn on your favorite Christmas movies. Serve hot cocoa and popcorn and let the kids enjoy the movie until they fall asleep. Some great movies for a Christmas slumber party are The Polar Express, Frosty the Snowman, The Santa Clause and more!

Have a cookie night – Gather together your favorite cookie recipes and bake cookies as a family! We love to make cut out sugar cookies each year. (We use these cookie cutters)Once we’ve got them baked, we let them cool and have a blast decorating them!

Make Christmas decorations – Christmas ornaments are super easy to make and they’re very cheap to do! Get the kids together and make ornaments, popcorn chains, paper chains and more! Then let the kids decorate the house with their decorations!

Go Caroling – It may be a past time that has fallen out of practice, but it can still be a lot of fun. Gather your family and friends and go visit a nursing home or senior center to sing Christmas songs to the residents. They will enjoy it and you will as well!

Put on a Christmas play – Grab a few sheets as a backdrop and let the kids dig through closets and more to create their own costumes. Have them write their own script and perform a Christmas play for the rest of the family.

Read a Christmas Book – Emma and I have always read “The Polar Express” on Christmas Eve and even though she’s 10, that hasn’t changed. It’s never too late to create a tradition with your child. Pick a few Christmas books and read them on Christmas Eve or the week leading up to Christmas. Some people even do a new book every night from December 1-24!

Sponsor a child – It is never a bad idea to teach your kids not only to give, but also how blessed they are. Pick a child from the Angel Tree or another local program that may not have Christmas and buy them a few things. Your kids will be blessed and learn a lesson while bringing a smile to another child’s face.

Make homemade Christmas cards – Grab your craft supplies and gather the kids around the table to make Christmas cards for your friends and family. Grandparents especially usually really love and treasure these homemade cards that are handmade by their family.

Visit Your City’s Tree Lighting Ceremony – Does your city do a big tree lighting or courthouse lighting ceremony? If so, bundle everyone up and go see it! They’re usually free to attend and your kids will LOVE seeing all of the twinkling lights!

Visit a Church Christmas Show or Concert – A lot of churches put on Christmas plays or Christmas concerts and the vast majority of them are either free or very affordable for admission. Of course, some of them will carry a heavy religious theme while others (mainly concerts) will showcase all things.

Have a Christmas Scavenger Hunt – Print up a few Christmas themed items and hide them in and around your home. Pass the list out to your kids and turn them loose. The first one to find all of the items (by writing them down, not collecting them) wins a small prize!

Make a Gingerbread House – Gingerbread House Kits are extremely affordable. Pick one up and make a gingerbread house as a family! If you’re feeling particularly froggy, you could even attempt to bake one yourself and save the money you would have spent on a kit!

Send a Military Care Package – Head over to Any Soldier and pick a soldier who is deployed overseas. Help the kids put together a care package for your new soldier. Add a few items that they have requested then let the kids write letters or draw pictures for your solder.

Write Letters to Santa – Gather the kids around and help them (if needed) write letters to Santa! These days you can even have a return letter sent with a North Pole postmark, a Bethlehem postmark and more! If you’re looking for a religious option for this, you could have them write a happy birthday letter or card to the Baby Jesus.

See? Christmas fun doesn’t have to be expensive! Christmas is about family…not how much you spend. Keep the family in your Christmas break activies and your kids will have a blast!


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