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Ready for another way to earn online? Day 5 of our 15 Days to Earning Online will have you grabbing free gift cards in no time!



Ready for Day 5 of our 15 Days to Earning Online? I am! If  you’re new to the series, remember to head over HERE and catch up on the posts you missed! Today, we’re going to talk about Swagbucks. Swagbucks is one of the oldest search sites out there and while a lot of you may already be signed up for them, there are so many ways to earn with them that I wanted to do a post and make sure you’re using ALL of them. Swagbucks offers SO many different reward options to choose from. Gift cards, Paypal and actual prizes ALL make it worth it to work this site for a few minutes everyday!


To start, if you’re NOT a member, head over HERE and sign up for Swagbucks. Make sure you click the link in the email they send you or you won’t be able to cash out when you’re ready.


To earn on Swagbucks, of course you’ll want to make it your main search engine. You’ll earn random points for searching things like you normally would Google. You’ll also want to download the Swagbucks toolbar or browser extention. This will give you instant access to any promo codes AND you’ll get 1 “buck” everyday that you have it installed.  Swag codes are another awesome way to earn. Every so often they’ll put out a Swag code. These are FREE points!

The daily tasks can help you earn too. Each day, you can do the NOSO offer. This is where you just click through a list of offers and enter a captcha. You can earn 2 bucks each day doing this and you don’t have to sign up for anything.

Next, you’ll want to do Encrave at least once a day. For Encrave, you’ll watch 2 videos and get 1 point for every 2 that you watch. They’re very short and take about 30 seconds for each point.

Now, be sure to take the daily poll. You’ll get 1 free point for clicking a button each day.

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Okay, enough of the small potatoes points. Let’s move onto the bigger ways to earn 🙂

Each day you’ll be given a goal amount of bucks to earn. Complete your goal everyday to earn bonus points. Complete a streak and you’ll score even more bonuses! If you ONLY did your minimum bonus everyday, you’d earn a minimum of 3,000 points! That’s OVER $20.00 in gift cards right there!

Next, you can play games for points. You can also take surveys and complete offers for points.

The best way to earn though is Swagbucks TV. You can watch videos on your phone OR PC. You’ll earn a few points for every few videos you watch.


Here’s how I work this site each day to earn the most points and gift cards:

I log on and complete the Daily Crave, NOSO and Daily Points.

Then, I’ll kick up SBTV on my phone. I’ll let the phone run, watching vids. It takes less than an hour of my phone running SBTV to reach my daily goal. Once this happens, I then swap my phone over to run Perk for the rest of the day.

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  1. and swagbucks is probably the king of the castle why I bothered posting here I did 480 dollars of christmas money in the 3 months prior to christmas with it first really nice christmas in a while once totalling up the swagbucks/instagc/inboxdollars/globaltestmarket/bing rewards

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