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Need to earn extra money to fill out  your budget? Join me for 15 days of earning online! Day 1? Earning online with Perk! Easy to do, quick to earn and a GREAT way to boost a low budget!



If you’ve read the first post for my 2015 Budget Challenge, you’ll know that right now, I’m looking to create a little breathing room in my budget. I’m not too concerned with being able to do that, but I realized that I may not be the only one in that situation. So, 15 days to earning online was born! For the next 2 weeks, I will post everyday about one way that I personally use to make extra when I need to and how to earn the most from each one. They’re all online, either on your pc or phone and they all pay. Pick and choose the ones you want and soon, you’ll be creating your own breathing room!


First up, for day 1, I want to talk about Perk. This is very quickly becoming my favorite mobile app to work with and you’ll understand why by the end of this post. The basic premise is that you watch commercials on your phone to get paid, but there are so many more ways to earn with this one besides that! Let’s get started:

First, you’ll need to head over HERE and sign up for Perk. That will take you to Perk on the web. Go ahead and sign up and confirm your email address if you’re asked to.

Once you’re signed up, go ahead and take a look around. Here on their website, you can earn by completing offers or watching a few quick videos. You will also be able to earn by shopping, but I don’t do that one personally. I’ve never had a shopping offer credit correctly so I don’t even bother. If you click on the green “Quick points” button, you’ll be taken directly to a ton of different surveys and offers that you can earn money on. On the survey page, you’ll also be able to search and earn points for that as well.

Now, click on the link that says Watch at the top of the page. Here, you’ll be able to download the PerkTV app. This is by far my FAVORITE part of this company!! Download the app to your phone, they have one for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone and log into your account. Here, you can watch commercials and/or do more offers. I personally like to set mine up to play the videos and just let it run. I check it every so often to make sure its still going and the points rack up.

Now, here’s the kicker. Perk allows you to have more than one device attached to each account. I personally use it on my Kindle Fire HD and sometimes I remember to do my Emma’s Samsung Galaxy tablet. All you do here is download the Perk TV app to each device and log in, set it up to run the videos like before and you’re off and running!

Next, head over to the app store or Google Play and download Perk Search. This will let you earn from the Perk Search side of it all on your phone as well. If you’re like me, you’ll download the app and search immediately. I won 100 points for my first search and tend to win every 3-4 searches now.

One last way you can earn is to download the Perk Browser apps for your phones and/or tablets. I haven’t done this one so I can’t vouch for it but I imagine it would be just as awesome as the other ones!


Perk will give you both points and tokens. Points are what you cash out for cash or gift cards on, tokens are used to enter sweepstakes. I don’t worry too much about tokens, but will drop a few into an entry if I’ve got them to spare. On Perk, a $5.00 gift card will cost you 5,000 points and so on. Paypal payments will cost you a few more points than gift cards but only because Paypal charges fees. Perk pays 3 times a week too and they’re FAST! They pay on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so if you cash out on Thursday? You’ll get  your payment on Friday! Cash out on the weekend? Get it Monday! The best part? They have a TON, and I do mean a TON of gift card options to choose from!!


This site/app is an awesome way to add some $$ to your budget or to save for holidays. Right now, with 2 devices active on videos, doing a few searches a day and a couple of offers each day, I’m earning around $40/mo with it. That’s half of my internet bill each month!

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  1. theadamsfamilyundervalued says:

    I just signed up for this app. Thanks for the 50 free points! I’m already watching and earning, Day 1 – Complete. Thank So Much, and I am looking forward to Day 2!

  2. Thank you so much! <3

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