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Days 3 of our 15 Days to Earning Online brings us to InstaGC! If ou're not earning on this site, you need to be! I earn hundreds per month with it!


Ready to earn more cash? If you’ve been following our 15 Days to Earning Online, you are! If not, be sure you catch up on the rest of the posts in the series too! You’ll be leaving money on the table if you don’t! Today I want to show you how to earn the most cash or gift cards from InstaGC! This is one of my FAVORITE sites to earn online with and I use it every single month! I actually use it to pay my cell phone bill, my Netflix and my Hulu each month!


To get started, you’ll need to head over HERE and sign up for InstaGC. Make sure you confirm the email they send you so that you can earn. You won’t be able to cash out if you don’t.

Next, log back into your account and get ready to earn! With sites like these, its best if you use a fresh email address so make sure you create one. You can also create a Google Voice number if you want, but be aware that some offers don’t let you use it.

There are a TON of ways to earn on InstaGC! To start, click on “Earn” at the top of your page. Once it loads, you’ll see each payment wall and the IGC page. Each one is FILLED with different offers and surveys you can do to earn.

Next, at the top of the earning box, you’ll see “Clicks.” This is where you can get paid JUST for clicking to websites! The points are small here but they do add up VERY quickly!

“Shopping” is just that! You’ll get paid a certain amount of points just for shopping certain places! I’ve never personally used this one so I can’t tell you much about it.

Next up is “tasks.” This one is kind of cool. You’ll be given certain tasks to do, like verify a Google search listing and in return, you’ll earn points!

Finally on that last line of ways to earn at the top, you’ll see “Videos.” Click this and earn points for doing nothing but watch videos! These add up very, very quickly and are super easy to do!


Don’t think it stops there though! I told you there was a ton of ways to earn and there really is! On that main earning tab, you’ll see “Volume 11.” Click on it and you can get paid for listening to the radio! Other ways to earn on this site include referrals and promo codes! You can really rack up a ton of points really quickly with this one!

Points here are on a 1 point = .01 basis. You can choose to cash out 3 different ways. One is a check, one is direct deposit (100% safe, I use direct deposit myself on this site) and the other is Instant Gift Cards of course! There is a HUGE selection of gift cards to choose from! Amazon, Walmart, Target, Hulu, Xbox, CVS, and SO many more!!  Dollar amounts for them generally start around $1.00 each and go up from there! Direct deposit takes 2-4 days on average to receive your money, checks take 7-14 days but gift cards:? They’re instant! Cash out for a gift card and get your number right then and there!


This truly is one of my favorite sites! Give it a chance and it will be for you too!

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  1. Sarah Grace says:

    The previous posts told about how much you make each month with them. I may be blind and just not seen it in this post, but if you don’t mind my asking how much do you make with this one? It sounds really interesting! Thanks for doing this series.

    • 🙂 I didn’t give an exact dollar amount but with IGC I make well over $100/mo. I pay our cell bill ($65/mo most months), Netflix ($9.00) and Hulu ($8.00) with it and there is always some left to grab a few Amazon gift cards. 🙂

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