10 Kids Board Games Homeschool Mom’s Love!

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Homeschooling your kids is a sure fire way to make sure that they’re learning what they need to be and what you want them to be. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with my Emma’s progress since we pulled her out of public school for homeschool. One of the first things I’ve learned though is that school has got to be fun! If it’s not, she gets bored and her mind wanders which makes school time a big ‘ol pain in my rear. That’s why I love these games! These 10 Kids Board Games Homeschool Moms Love are fantastic for keeping them entertained while helping them learn!


Looking to add some fun to your homeschool? These 10 Board Games that Homeschool Moms Love will are not only fun, but they're educational too!


This list of 10 are by far, not the only games out there that your kids can learn from. They’re just a few ideas to get you started. Even though my daughter is 10, I tried to include a few for each age group so that no matter what age you’re teaching, you’ll be able to find something. The best part about these though? They get the family together for quality time!

Scrabble – Scrabble is fantastic for teaching spelling and vocabulary for older kids since the more letters the words have, the higher they score. To make it even more fun, have a competition between your students (or yourself if you only have one child) and see who can score the longest word.

Boggle Boggle is great for sharpening a kids logical thought processes and for teaching vocabulary.

500 Rummy – This well known card game is perfect for teaching kids to hone their basic addition skills and pattern recognition skills. Let them keep score to add to the educational value.

Monopoly – Kids having trouble learning to count money? Play a game or two of monopoly and let them be banker!

Go Fish Got younger kids? They’ll love playing Go Fish and it will help them with their number recognition and matching skills!

Hi Ho Cherri-O – Here’s another great one for younger kiddos who are just learning to count!

War Remember playing War as a kid? Did you realize you were honing your number recognition and number order skills? Your kids won’t either.

JengaUse Jenga to help your kids build up their hand eye coordination skills.

Operation This is another fantastic game for teaching hand eye coordination!

Checkers or Chess – Really want to teach them logic skills? Teach them to play chess or checkers! Both are fantastic for logic lessons!


There you have it! This list is great for getting started! Use it and build on it and soon your kiddos will be learning and having fun!

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