Looking for a new homemade buttermilk ranch dressing recipe? This one is it! Creamy with just the right "kick," you're sure to ditch the bottled stuff in your home!

Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

I don't know about your family, but here? I have trouble keeping ranch dressing on hand. The Monkey Child and Mr. Six Dollar eat it with everything from carrots to pizza and even fries. When I realized that it was costing me probably close to $20.00 a month (i,e 5-6 bottles a month...I told you, … [Read More...]

Studying the United States soon in your homeschool? This United States homeschool unit study is perfect for 4th or 5th graders and tons of fun!

United States Homeschool Unit Study

What better way to kick off a school year that starts in July (ours kinda sorta did) with a unit study on the United States? My Emma already knew most of it, but she was still iffy on a few things so I wanted to go over them with her again and really cement it for her so that she doesn't have issues … [Read More...]

Vacationing doesn't have to be a budget breaker! In fact? I just spent time in NYC and proved it...out of pocket cost? LESS than $500!

How I Vacationed in NYC for Under $500

Last month I took a much needed working vacation to New York City for Blogger Bash 2015 and BlogHer 2015. Yes...this Momma went by herself and holy cow did I need the break! What I didn't need though was a HUGE travel bill. Our budget is still very, very tight from the trouble that we had last year, … [Read More...]


When Kid Friendships Go Bad

Like it or not, as parents sometimes we have to do things that we don't like in order to do what's best for our kids. One of those things can be stopping them from staying in an unhealthy friendship. It isn't something that any parent likes to do, but depending on the situation, you could very … [Read More...]

Do your kids LOVE Pirates? If so, they will ADORE these 10 Pirate Books! Perfect for any age!

10 Pirate Books For Your Deck Swabbin Land Lubber!

Do I need to tell you how much I adore pirate movies and books? It's like I'm six again and playing pirate with my fake eye patch and yes, I am that big of a kid at heart. I'd be willing to bet some of you are the same exact way or have kids that are. If you're looking for a few new (and awesome!) … [Read More...]

Looking for an awesome craft to showcase your love for Texas? This DIY Texas State Flag Rag Wreath should do the trick!

DIY Texas State Flag Rag Wreath

I don't know if you've noticed, but us Texans? We're pretty proud that we're Texans. I'm sure by now you have noticed that its hard to drive down any street in this state and not see at least one Texas flag flying or some other Texas pride decoration (and if you haven't? Welcome to Tx...you'll … [Read More...]


Get ANY Item You Want for FREE!!

  Okay so I know we don't do a lot of freebies these days, but this one? I HAD to tell you about!! Right now you can score just about ANY item you want TOTALLY FREE!! How? Yerdle!! It may just be my NEW favorite site!! How do you get your freebie (or FREEBIES?!) Just Sign Up! When you … [Read More...]

Groceries are SO expensive! Get over $100 in FREE FOOD for your family to help keep your grocery budget low!

How to Get Over $100 in FREE Groceries!

Woah. Have ya'll looked at the cost of groceries without coupons lately? If not, take a look. They're super duper, wipe your budget totally clean expensive. Luckily, I'm cheap and that helps you. Okay, maybe I'm not "cheap" to be exact, but I really, really don't like paying for more than I have to. … [Read More...]

The holidays might still be weeks away, but your budget needs to be looking at them now! Preparing your budget for holiday spending is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for the "Most wonderful time of the year!"

Preparing Your Budget for Holiday Spending

Yes, I know. The holiday season is several weeks away. How far away they are shouldn't matter when it comes to your budget though. The holiday spending season, usually Oct 1 through the end of the year can easily make or break your bank account if you don't prepare for it. Ideally, you should … [Read More...]

Summer is quickly coming to an end which means students, parents and teachers are getting ready to head back to school. A group of us thought we might help celebrate this wonderful time of year by offering a giveaway!

Enter the #LetsGoBTS Giveaway! Over $400 in Prizes Up for Grabs!

Summer is quickly coming to an end which means students, parents and teachers are getting ready to head back to school. A group of us thought we might help celebrate this wonderful time of year by offering a giveaway! The hosting bloggers Suburban Wife, City Life, Six Dollar Family, … [Read More...]