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Pallet Project – Upcycled Pallet Table

It's only a small secret around here that I love upcycled projects. From upcycled denim projects, ways to upcycle milk jugs, ways to upcycle sheets and even ways to upcycle towels, I love finding a new use for something to give it life where it may not have any of its "conventional" life left. I … [Read More...]

How to Ensure Tenant Happiness in Your Rental Property

  Many families have turned to rental properties as a way to make supplementary income, and this can be a great way to finance college for the kids, vacations for the family, and to bolster that retirement account. As the rental market continues to heat up, landlords have plenty of … [Read More...]

How to Have a Family Celebration on a Budget

  Family celebrations are a time for bonding and deserve all the fanfare they can get. They are the best way to get grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws together to catch up. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, holiday, or reunion, every family celebration should be a day to … [Read More...]

Family Budget: The Ultimate List to Cutting Down Household Expenses

We all want to cut back on how much we're spending, but rarely do we ever look at every single way that we can. We like to take the easy way out instead of really working on ways to save money around the house. I'll admit it. I'm guilty of it too. I like easy ways to save money, but I have also come … [Read More...]

Beach Camping Tips – Why Every Child Should Go Camping on the Beach

Have you ever been camping on the beach? I don't mean renting a cabin near the beach either. I mean taking your tent and parking that bad boy right near the water, in the sand, with no one but you and God's creation around. If not, you should. Recently, Emma and I, together with some friends o ours, … [Read More...]

Lemon Recipes – 27 Sweet and Tangy Lemon Treats

I adore lemon recipes. For real. I could eat lemon bars everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of them. They scream summer to me so when it's the middle of winter and cold out, a sweet and tangy lemon recipe has the ability to perk me up and make me long for beach weather. The great … [Read More...]

Snack Recipes – Homemade Blackberry GoGurt

Do your kids love GoGurt? Mine does, but I hate the fact that they are so stinking expensive. Around here they're priced around $2.75 per box, which considering what they are? Is just insane to me. Add to that and they are filled with very unhealthy chemicals and preservatives that I don't … [Read More...]

Easy Lasagna Recipe {Casserole Recipes}

It should be long established around here that I love pasta. It's filling, comforting and best of all? Cheap! We eat pasta at least twice a week and while I know that isn't exactly the healthiest? It's a must have for us! Between my Copycat Olive Garden Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, my homemade … [Read More...]

What Do You Need for a Baby? A Realistic Look at Must Have Baby Items

Take a look at any infant themed commercial or internet ad and you'll find that every single one of them has something in common. "What," you ask? They're all trying to sell you something and 90% of them are trying to sell you something that you won't necessarily need. Knowing the difference between … [Read More...]

Dollar Tree Crafts – DIY Upcycled Candy Jar

Have you ever looked at something and then realized that it could be made into something new? That is my life. I seriously will sit and stare at a jar or bottle for a while trying to find a new way to use it. Finding creative new uses for old bottles is something I get a kick out of. Okay, I'm … [Read More...]