Stop paying boatloads to the spa for your manicure! Learn how to give yourself a DIY Frugal Mani/Pedi and Save! These are perfect for a Spa Night at Home!

DIY Frugal Mani/Pedi

I love having my nails done. It's so relaxing to me and I absolutely adore how they look when they're done. What I am not in love with is the $30 or more price tag that comes with it. That's why I started doing them myself! Frugal mani/pedi's aren't hard to do and in fact? I'm pretty sure that I … [Read More...]


Skip the Boring Office Visit and Stay at Home with AmWell! #ad

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own.”   When is the last time you had to go to the doctor? Today? A week ago? Six months ago? Did you sit and wait in a boring waiting room or did you visit with your physician right from the comfort of … [Read More...]

Headed to your first homeschool convention? These 7 Things to Avoid at Your First Homeschool convention will help you have a safe, fun and calm trip!

7 Things to Avoid at a Homeschool Convention

Going to your first anything can be scary, but in my opinion, it's especially scary if what you're doing can affect your kids. This is the case with homeschool conventions. While they're fun, they can also be nerve wracking and stressful and no one wants to deal with that when you're trying to do … [Read More...]

As we start our financial journey we're told over and over to save, save, save...what about wealth? Where does that come into play?

Why You Should Focus on Building Wealth…Instead of Just Saving Money

Stop the presses! I know. I'm late on this post today. It happens. :D Why am I late? Because I was doing some work for a few other bloggers. That's okay. Like I said. It happens. Next time, I'll plan my schedule better. Aside from the fact that I'm late, maybe you're wondering WHY I was working for … [Read More...]

Let Kraft help you plan the perfect 4th of July celebration with the “Fire Up the Grill” cookbook! #CookingUpSummer

This post is sponsored post by Lunchbox.   Ah summer. I don't know about you, but I love when the weather warms up. Yes, I live in Texas, but I think we can all relate to a few months out of the year when we can't grill out and the 4th of July season just helps to wrap it all in a nice … [Read More...]

Ready to dress up that old terra cotta flower pot? This Stars & Stripes Flower Planter craft is perfect! Simple to do, budget friendly and a GREAT way to celebrate the 4th of July! Perfect for Memorial Day or Veterans Day too!

DIY Stars & Stripes Flower Planter

As I said the other day, I absolutely love celebrating Independence Day with my family. I also happen to adore patriotic decorations too. Military service runs very deep in my family and I love the ability to make things and create things that help celebrate that and I LOVE taking regular old … [Read More...]

Planning for retirement can be such a hassle. We're making it easy though. We're using Text Messages to boost our retirement fund! See how!

How I’m Using Text Messages to Plan for Retirement

I love my phone. Seriously. I never have it away from me. I absolutely love that I can combine my music, my email, my friends and any games I happen to be playing at the moment in one small device that fits into my pocket. Even more so is the fact that I LOVE that I can use it to help Tom and I save … [Read More...]

Keeping your kids organized is a HUGE help to their success in school. This printable student planner is sure to do just that! 23 pages and FREE for a limited time!

Free Printable Student Planner

One of the biggest issues that I've had with my Emma since we started homeschooling is keeping her on task. She does incredibly well some days, but others, not so much. That was until she started using her own daily planner. She is very much her daughter's mother in a lot of ways. Apparently I can … [Read More...]


Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! Ends June 29!

Makobi Scribe is bringing you this Amazon Pinterest blast where one lucky reader will win a $100 Amazon gift card. The giveaway is open to everyone and provided by Makobi Scribe. Good Luck! If you are a blogger, you can sign up for this blast here. Entry-Form … [Read More...]


Where is Adventures in Coupons?

Can you believe that June is over halfway through? This month has been a tad bit crazy for us at our house. It seems like we've just been on the go since the start and it isn't going to end until next month! I'll tell you this. I could really use a rest. Between curriculum planning for the Monkey … [Read More...]